Healthy pregnancy snacks for first time moms-to-be!

Ugh! Pregnancy symptoms no one bothered to mention to you could fill a whole book. Why did not one person mention the bump-induced starving hunger?

Plus, since the list of forbidden foods is as long as my arm, it’s not so easy to find something safe to satisfy your hunger cravings.

Luckily, with a little pre-planning you can survive any hunger-attack. Pack these snacks into your bag (one of them, or all of them – up to you) and you’ll be ready! 

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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks – Zero Prep

My favorite kind of healthy pregnancy snacks: those that don’t take any prep. Unless you count splitting them into serving size containers… but you don’t really have to do that for some of these.


Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, what’s not to like? These tasty bites are full of energy and pack a nutritional punch to get you through your darkest hangry moments.

Trailmix is a great option to keep in your bag in a larger container. It’s super portable and you don’t have to worry about freshness – it keeps really well. Just top up once or twice a week and you’re good to go.


A great way to get some vitamins into you in a tasty tasty package. Depending on what type of fruit you go for, you may need a small container or you may not.

How portable and how long your fruit lasts will depend on the fruit you choose. Cut fruit needs to be consumed asap. Some fruits will be best kept in a container to avoid getting squashed… (so that’s what happened to my banana from last week…)

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Yoghurt is really filling, especially if you go for the thick and creamy natural Greek style yoghurt and add a bit of fruit and some nuts (or granola) to it. Yum! Just like a breakfast parfait!

You’ll need an airtight container and a way to keep your yoghurt cool. One of these containers would work well!


Good old granola! Eat it dry if you’re out and about and like it crunchy. Or make your own granola bars for something a bit different and a little healthier than store-bought.

Dry granola is easy to carry around in a container and keeps for ages.


Pretzels are my go-to food for nausea. Perfect for those first-trimester woes. I like them plain.

Be mindful of the salt content, especially later in pregnancy.

Pretzels are so easy to keep in your purse. You can even buy them in tiny snack pack sizes! They last a while too if they’re kept in an airtight container or the original packaging.


Dates are delicious. And they can also make labor easier! How? According to a study, women who ate 6 dates per day in the 4 weeks prior to their estimated delivery date had a reduced need for induction or augmentation of labor and had better outcomes.

Is that a win for the date-loving moms-to-be or what? 

Dates are very portable, just put them in a small container in your purse and you’ll be right. They also keep really well. Though if you eat 6 a day they won’t get a chance to go stale! Just be careful not to go too crazy as they can spike your blood sugar.

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healthy-pregnancy-snacks (11)

Health Pregnancy Snacks to Prepare in Advance

These snacks require a little bit of prep in advance… but you can make them in batches so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors for a while.

Overnight Oats or Chia Pudding

One of my favorite breakfasts is overnight oats! You can make them in almost any flavor you like. Carrot cake, chocolate coconut, banana peanut butter chocolate chip… If you can imagine it, you can make it.

Overnight oats are also really filling and tasty and can help to boost your milk supply You’ll need a small container or jar to keep your overnight oats in. They should also be kept cool and you’ll want to consume them asap.

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Vege Sticks and Cherry Tomatoes

There’s a lot of grains on this list. So here’s a vegetable! Or multiple! Try vegetable sticks and cherry tomatoes. They’re easy to carry around and tasty treats to snack on during the day.

Vege sticks and cherry tomatoes are very portable, you can use a ziplock bag and they should keep fresh for about a day – consume asap.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Runny eggs are one of pregnancy’s no-no’s but you can still get your egg fix so long as you boil your egg to hard. Don’t be turned off, they still taste just as good! Eggs come in their own convenient packaging that keeps them fresh, however, you might need to add a container to keep them from being squashed by something in your bag. Keep cool and consume asap.

Homemade Cookies or Muffins

Bonus points if you choose lactation cookies or muffins! Learn to make your own to be even healthier.

Homemade cookies or muffins do best in a container to protect them from being crumbled. Cookies may survive in just a ziplock bag. Best eaten with a few days of baking for optimum freshness – however, you can freeze most baked goods to enjoy them for longer.

Portable Container Suggestions

  • Banana Saver – Love bananas? Me too! I don’t love the odd shape that makes it difficult to keep them safe, or the fact that they are pretty soft and liable to get squashed in my bag. What’s a girl to do? Get a banana saver, that’s what! Simple. Inexpensive. Where have you been my whole life!?
  • Bento-style Snack Boxes – One of the main problems with ordinary snack sized boxes is that they’re just no match for a baby belly hunger. These bento boxes are large enough to carry a good amount of snacks… because they’re actually designed to be a kids lunchbox! Buy it now and reuse it when your little one is ready for daycare or kindergarten.
  • Chilled Yoghurt Container – if you’ve ever wanted to take yogurt (or chia pudding, or overnight oats) with you anywhere… This yoghurt container is great! It keeps your yoghurt cool and even comes with a spoon so you’re ready whenever hunger strikes, even if you’re nowhere near home or the office kitchen.

What’s On Your Snack Menu?

Tell us what snacks you’ve been eating this pregnancy. Have you had any crazy cravings?

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