baby-shower-game-ideas (2)Are you planning a baby shower for a close friend or relative? Maybe you’ve figured out the catering, venue and all other aspects but are stuck on what games to choose for the event? Well, everyone wants to create a baby shower that will be fun and memorable, and at the heart of these preparations, should be entertainment.
When picking the games, remember that the perfect experience results from creating a balance between competitiveness and fun.
Here are a few fun baby shower game ideas which will take your event to the next level.

How to Have the Best Shower Games Experience

It’s been my luck recently to attend two bridal showers and a baby shower, all in the last month or so. One thing my incredibly smart family members did was set up a small number of games on tables for guests to do in their own time. (Games like: guess the baby photo, questions for the bride or groom, suggestions for baby names… etc.) It was such a great idea! Then, later the answers were read out and a winner picked.

Games That Run Throughout The Entire Event

Here are some fun game ideas that your guests can get started with as soon as they arrive and continue throughout the event.

Don’t Say Baby

When you’re at a baby shower, you will expect to hear ‘baby’ mentioned at least a couple of a hundred times. The challenge is to see if people can refrain from saying it. What you will need for the game is:

· Ribbons

· A number of tiny baby pacifier charms

Here’s how to play:

Make necklaces with the charms and ribbons (one for each guest). When everyone comes in, give them the pacifier charm necklace and tell them that they are not supposed to say the word baby.

If a person says ‘baby’, anyone who hears them can take their necklace. You can let the game go on for as long as possible, and the person who collects the most necklaces will win. It will be fun to watch people trying to make others say the word!

Alternative way to play – give each guest a number of clothes pins to wear on their clothes and then play the game as described above.

Name that baby tune

Music is the perfect form of entertainment for any event. If you’re wondering how you can make it even more fun, how about the name that baby tune game? In this game, you’ll need to grab a list of old songs that have the word baby in their lyrics. Think about songs like Beyoncé’s ‘Baby Boy’, ‘Tell me baby’ by Hot Chili Peppers, and any other songs whose names are not so easy to guess. When you have a number of tunes, burn them onto a CD and wait for the party. During the game, you will need:

· A CD player

· Pens

· Paper for writing

Hand pens and papers to the guests and tell them to write down the name of the song when they hear it. The person who has most of their answers correct or close to being correct will take the award for naming that baby tune. The prize for this game can be a copy of the mix CD that you made!

Smell that diaper

Eww! The aim of this game is to see who has the best sense of smell at the baby shower. What you will need for the game:

· About five clean baby diapers

· Pens and paper

· Marker pen

· Treats to fill each diaper – for example, different types of chocolate, peanut butter, Tabasco, soy sauce, steak sauce or different jars of baby food!

Play the game by putting different substances on the diapers and make people guess what it is by smelling the diaper. The person who describes the smell most accurately gets maximum points for the round.

Who’s that baby?

This is one of the most fun and entertaining games that you can play at a baby shower. To bring this game together, you will need:

· Photos of the guests when they were babies (ask them to bring one in the invitation)

· Masking tape or a clothesline and clips

· Paper and pen

Gather the baby photos when the guests arrive and hang up each of the photos, attaching numbers to them. Give the guests pens and papers to write down their answers. Give the guests about ten minutes to look at the photos and match them with their respective owners. The person who will get the most matches correct will be the winner of the game, and you can award them with a cute picture frame they can use for their own photo.

Who is the celebrity baby?

This is another variant of the who’s that baby game that would be awesome to play! Take a number of magazines with celeb baby photos (or print some out from online) and cut them out. Then, during the party, hang up the baby photos assigning numbers to all photos. Ask the guests to name the babies! The one who has the most correct answers wins.

Ice, Ice Baby

Freeze small plastic baby charms in ice cube trays and give them to guests as they arrive. The first guest to have their baby come free of the ice needs to shout ‘my water broke!’ to win a prize.

Guess the Date and Weight


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This one’s always a fun one… you can put money on the guesses, or not! People love speculating on due dates… and you’ll get some funny weights from the crowd!

Or take it a step further and include even more predictions:

You can even look further ahead and ask guests to predict the baby’s future occupation!

Guess the Bump Size


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For this one you just need a ball of wool and some cards for people to wrap their guess and write their name on it.

Guests measure out the length in wool that they think the mom-to-be’s bump size is. Later, measure each length against the mom-to-be for much hilarity…

(Once you’ve got a contender for the winner, the easiest way to do this is to measure the wool lengths against each other, rather than measuring on the mom-to-be each time.)

Fun Game Events to Have at Your Baby Shower

It’s also fun to have a couple of games run by your host where everyone gets together in unison. Some fun options include:

Baby stroller Olympics

This game will work perfectly if you’re holding an outdoor baby shower. The items that you will need for this game include:

· A stroller

· A baby doll

· Objects that can be used as obstacles

· A stopwatch

· Sticks to mark the start and finishing line

Since running isn’t a great idea in late pregnancy, the mom-to-be will be the judge. Each guest will stand behind the start line with the doll in hand. When the whistle blows, load the baby into the stroller and try to make it around the obstacles as fast as possible. Points will be deducted for hitting obstacles or letting the baby fall off the stroller.

Variation: your guests have to hold a balloon between their thighs/knees and race.

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Here’s a set of 7 printable elephant-themed baby shower games you can use for your baby shower (for free). It includes:

  • Baby ABC – write down one baby related word for each letter of the alphabet.
  • He Said, She Said – ask the parent’s to be questions before the shower. Then let the guests guess what their answers were.
  • Who Knows Mommy Best? – how well do your guests know the mom-to-be? Find out with this quiz!
  • Baby word scramble – can you work out what these baby-related words are?
  • What’s In Your Phone – earn points for each thing on the list!
  • Never Have I Ever – earn points for each thing on the list!
  • Wishes for Baby – ok, this isn’t really a game, but more a nice memento for the mom-to-be.

Grab them here and enjoy!

Whatever games you decide to have at your baby shower, make sure you’ve got a good stash of prizes to give to the winners. Chocolate is always a good option!