Moms are made not born.

Becoming a mom is a HUGE life event. Everything shifts – your hormones, your body, your priorities…

It’s tough!

That’s why Making of Mom is here: to help women through that hectic and heady time as they go from mom-to-be to being mom. We’re going to be dishing advice, guides, practical tips, and throwing down the baby knowledge out the wazoo.

But, who am I?

Glad you asked, my friend! Glad you asked.

My name’s Cath and I’m a mom of one gorgeous little bundle of boy gloriousness. [too much? too bad ;)]

While I was pregnant with the little one, I majorly geeked out over everything pregnancy and baby.

I breathlessly followed multiple pregnancy apps and awaited my update each week to tell me what type of fruit or vegetable my little dude-in-the-making could be mistaken for this week.

I watched all the pregnancy, birth, and baby videos.

All. of. them.

Multiple times.

I couldn’t get enough.

As you can see… I still can’t get enough! So I’m sharing it all with you.