Can you believe it’s time for baby’s first halloween?

There’s nothing cuter than a gorgeous baby in their first Halloween costume… however, Halloween can be a little overwhelming and scary for our little ones.

Now, depending on where you are in the world, you may be stuck at home this year for Halloween. But, if you’re able to celebrate a traditional Halloween this year, these tips will help you make baby’s first Halloween a success!

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1. Keep Things Low Key (Including Your Expectations)

We’re used to making the holidays kind of a big deal but try not to stress too much about baby’s first Halloween. They won’t remember it!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to relax, dress up your baby, take some cute photos and celebrate Halloween exactly the way you want to. If that means Trick or Treating around your neighbourhood, take your stoller and go! Want to have a fun Halloween themed dinner party? Invite your friends and deck out your home in the best spooky decor.

Try to keep your expectations low for baby’s first Halloween. You’ll have plenty of years to celebrate with them.

It’s even totally ok if you just stay home and watch spooky movies. Costumes, optional!

2. Keep Costumes Simple

Who doesn’t love planning out gorgeous Halloween costumes? But, as you probably already know, when it comes to baby clothes, simple is best.

You don’t want to have to struggle with layers to change a diaper. And you definitely don’t want to risk wardrobe malfunctions that could be dangerous to your baby.

Even if you decide you simply must go all out on your baby’s first Halloween costume, it’s a good idea to have a back up just in case.

Halloween themed onesie sets or pyjamas are the perfect backup outfit and a great way to celebrate the season.

Here’s a super cute backup outfit:

Don’t forget to check out Etsy for super unique and cute options!

Oh and if you plan to take baby out in their stroller or baby carrier, why not add decorations or incorporate it into baby’s costume?

3. Make Sure Baby’s Costume is Warm Enough

Sure that costume may be cute, but is it weather appropriate for October 31st? Make sure baby is warm enough if you’re headed outdoors… or even if you’re at home.

Dress in layers and take a blanket or a bunting with you.

4. Plan Activities Around Baby’s Wake Times

While there may be some things you’d want to do on Halloween when baby is asleep… if you want to include baby in the fun, make sure you’re doing things at a good time for them.

Try arranging events for the morning, afternoon or early evening rather than later into the night so that baby is less likely to be overtired.

5. Plan Baby-Friendly Activities

There’s so much you can do with baby for Halloween, apart from just having her ride along while you enjoy your Halloween ūüôā

You could:

  • visit a pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin together (bring your camera!)
  • have a Halloween photo shoot
  • let baby play with a Halloween themed sensory box or bottle
  • read Halloween themed books together

6. Make Your Own Decorations

Get baby to join in the fun by making your own decorations. Use handprints or foot prints or let baby fingerpaint a pumpkin or a gourd.

7. Start New Traditions, Now

You may dream of the day you can take your little one trick or treating with you, carve their first pumpkin or help you make spooky food.

There’s no reason you can’t start those traditions now! While your baby might be little and not really know what’s going on, she’ll enjoy spending time with you doing something special. Baby will pick up on the fun and excitement!

Make sure you take lots of photos and videos as you’ll both love looking back at baby’s first Halloween in years to come.

8. Enjoy Family Time

You and your family are your baby’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. Spending time together, getting dressed up and doing exciting and new things are all very fun for baby.

9. Introduce Halloween Early

Halloween is super fun… but baby might not be ready for the idea that scary can be good. So, be prepared!

You can help introduce the idea of Halloween by reading books, roleplaying Trick or Treating and playing dress up at home.

It might also be a good idea to test out your planned costume before the big day… just in case baby dissolves into tears at the sight of mommy wearing a pink wig.

10. Be Prepared To Take Things As They Come

On the day of Halloween, be prepared to roll with baby and take the day as it comes.

Plan ahead by:

  • bringing a baby carrier and a stroller with you Trick or Treating.
  • bringing an extra blanket and a rain cover for your stroller.
  • bringing a change of costume for baby.

Most importantly, follow baby’s lead when it comes to the activities and action of the day/night and be ready to change plans if you need to.

12. Just Stay Home & Relax (No Shame!)

I can guarantee you, you won’t be able to get away with a relaxed Halloween in years to come… so make the most of it this year! Dress baby up in something cute and cozy. Take some photos and then spend the night relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine and a spooky movie.