Floral baby girl names.

Are you having a baby girl? Swooning over the delicate pink outfits and gorgeous little hair bows you can dress your darling in?
Shopping for a little girl is so much fun… but even more fun is finding the *perfect* name for your little princess.

You want to choose a beautiful name – one that’ll suit your baby girl to the tee. But what kind of name will you choose?

Unisex names for girls are quite popular these days – as well as flat out using what was traditionally boys names or even surnames. 
But, if you’re here, you’re interested in a classic trend in baby girl names – floral names!

There are some exquisite floral names to choose from – include classics like Daisy, all the way to uncommon names like Zinnia that have just the right amount of modern spunk.

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Amaryllis has both an old-world quality as well as a unique spelling. Historically, it was used in ancient Greek poetry to describe the loveliness of a country girl. You’ve even got the option of the nickname Amy if your little girl prefers that later on.


If you have ever spent any time around a flower bed, you know azaleas are a large, splashy blossom with a bright, fresh scent. This name, like the flower, signifies that something is fresh and new.

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When we think of something getting ready to blossom, we imagine that it is getting ready to grow in an outward, upward fashion. Could there be a better sentiment for your little baby girl?


Your mind may immediately jump to lily but Calla just sounds more sensitive and newer. It has its origins in the ancient Greek language, where it simply means ‘beautiful’.


Though it may be a common flower, Chrysanthemum is far from a common name. This is a name that will set your little girl apart. Lovely nicknames include Chrys or Chrysa. 


Clover, as a name as well as a plant, is just spunky. It’s a tenacious plant and signals a fair amount of moxie. This name has been getting popular recently, but it’s still different enough to be unique.


This name brings to mind a vintage era, the age of the silver screen. However, it’s also rather solid. Like the flower, the name is not delicate or showy, but it has the illusion of both.


It may seem a drab name, recalling large, leafy plants near water, but as a name, Fern has always been rather popular, never rising or falling in popularity So you can be sure, if you choose it, it’ll always be in style.


This French name, meaning flower, is sophisticated and pretty. I love this one for the Harry Potter vibes.


You may dismiss Hazel as being the name for a kind of nut, but it also has large yellow blooms. As a name, it has a vintage feel but also has a fresh ring to it. If you love the name Hazel, you might also like our vintage baby girl names (inspired by real-life Grandma names).


This name is perfect for baby girls born during the holiday season. It brings to mind the fresh red berries and deep green leaves against a backdrop of pure white snow.


While a lot of common floral names, like ‘Rose’ or ‘Violet’ sound very gentle and delicate, Iris is just more in-your-face.It’s from the Greek, meaning ‘rainbow’, and will certainly set your little girl apart as a brilliant collection of colors.


As one of society’s most valued of the hothouse flowers, the jasmine has an intoxicating scent and just the sound of it’s name is enough to bring a smile to many people’s faces. It’s also the name of Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin movie – a strong character in the most recent live action version.


What’s better than a fresh name that calls to mind a shrub with large, fragrant bundles of bright blue berries? Also, the nickname possibilities are endless, with ‘Junebug’ being a favorite.


Kalina is just Polish for ‘flower’. It has short, crisp syllables that sound pleasing to the ear and a simple meaning that is refreshing as it is minimal.


A beautiful name taken from the Lavender plant – a soothing, sweet smelling herb. I also like the Harry Potter references!


This name is an exotic alternative to the more common floral names. It is Hawaiian in origin, meaning ‘heavenly flower’, so it also has a spiritual vibe to it.


Lilacs are a very popular blossom, though seldom given a second thought. With their light, bright purple hue they are a constant joy and will be a ever-pleasant moniker.


This name rolls of the tongue in a charming way, sounding at once exotic and relevant. The flower holds a special meaning in many societies, usually signifying a divine purity and otherworldly beauty.


When you think of an orchid, you think of an exquisite flower that needs a lot of care and attention. It is also a flower that represents love and pure beauty, exactly what you wish for your little baby girl.


This name holds a gravity and a maturity to it. Guaranteed to stand out among more trendy names! Great nicknames include Maggie and Nola. 


Peonies may be the classic garden bed filler bloom, but it also signifies a healer and is rare indeed as a name.


Much like the flower itself is a bright red that never fails to capture your attention, the name ‘Poppy’ is sure to turn heads everywhere. It’s a bright, spunky name with a lot of attitude that has risen in popularity recently!


It’s derived from the old Latin, meaning ‘the first rose’ and does signify that first glimpse of the beauty about to be around you. It’s a delicate, old fashioned name that is just as relevant today as it was several hundred years ago. Especially relevant after the Hunger Games!


The rose is an unforgettable flower – and this is an unforgettable name. A classic beauty that never goes out of fashion. If you’re looking for an elegant, simple name, this is the one.


This name, meaning the flowering plant that smells just amazing, is a very unique name. It sounds pleasing to the ear and you can be sure never to run across it.


Much like the tree, the name ‘Willow’ brings to mind someone who is beautiful, and well-rooted They will not be easily strayed when once they set their mind to something.


Zinnea’s are a bold, bright and unpretentious flower. This name is full of vigor and sass and will sit perfectly on the right little girl.