Babies are shockingly expensive.

According to a 2010 USDA report, parents spent about $12,000 in baby’s first year… and that was 8 years ago now.

Any help you can get is appreciated!

Which is why I’m excited to help you get some cool things for free/almost-free…

What’s the catch? Why are these things free?

Like your supermarket offers milk and bread at low low prices to get you in the door to buy more stuff… these freebies are loss leaders. The parent company (Mother’s Lounge) is betting that you’ll want to buy more things from them either now or later…

They’ve also got some pretty cool upsell options as you go through their checkout for stuff like personalized embroidery. Oh and you’ll have to pay postage of course.

Not interested in upsells? That’s ok – you can still get your freebies!

How to Use Your Coupon

As a Making of Mom reader you’ll get all these discounts using the exclusive code:


Here’s what you can get:

For Breastfeeding New Moms

[MOST POPULAR} Nursing Pillow – $40 OFF – www.nursingpillow.com

Nursing cover – $35 OFF – www.uddercovers.com

Milk Bands – $35 OFF – www.milkbands.com

10 pairs of washable breast pads – FREE ($35 value)- www.breastpads.com


For Moms-To-Be

Belly Button Bands – $40 OFF – www.bellybuttonband.com

Pregnancy pillow – $50 OFF – www.pregnancypillow.com

Hot Hips – $60 OFF – www.hothips.com


For Baby

Baby Leggings – $50 OFF – www.babyleggings.com

Ruffle Buns – $60 OFF – www.rufflebuns.com

The cutest fuzzy hats – $35 OFF – www.eskimokids.com

Gorgeous little shoes – $60 OFF – www.littlewanderers.com

5 baby board books – FREE ($40 value) – www.babsybooks.com

Hooded Towels – $35 OFF – www.hoodedtowels.com

Little fans pacifiers – $35 – www.littlefans.com

Custom pacifiers – $30 OFF –  www.custompacifiers.com

Canopy Couture – $50 OFF –  www.carseatcanopy.com

Seven Baby Slings – $45 OFF – www.sevenbaby.com

Hot Slings – $30 OFF – www.hotslings.com

Don’t forget – that coupon code is MOM100. Feel free to share it with your friends 🙂 

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