How do you keep on top of things as a new mom with a brand new newborn baby? Enter the newborn daily log – the printable solution to tracking breastfeeds, diapers and your baby’s sleep habits.


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Newborn Daily Log

First things first, what is it? 

It’s a printable tracker that you can use to keep track of what your newborn is doing:

  • breastfeeds
  • diapers (Number 1’s and 2’s) 
  • sleeping
  • plus, space for notes to include about mood, questions you have for your doctor, pumping sessions, or medication you might need to give to your little one.

Why You Need a Daily Log of Your Newborn’s Activity

Although you’re likely passing your time in that new motherhood blur (you’re recovering from birth and tending a newborn around the clock after all!) your doctors will insist on asking you questions at yours and baby’s checkups like:

  • how many wet diapers is she having a day?
  • how long are his naps?
  • how often and long is she feeding?

To avoid the inevitable ‘ummm… I don’t remember’ answer – keep a log! 

Get Your Newborn Daily Log Here!

I’ve created a printable, instant download log template for you. It’s only $3.50 USD and can be printed and reprinted as often as you like. 

What You Need to Know

  • this daily log is designed for breastfeeding moms – if you’re pumping you can choose to use the Notes column to include this information.
  • for best results, print on Letter size paper.
  • purchase now by clicking the button below, pay via PayPal and you’ll receive your download instantly via email.



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