Maternity Christmas style – for pregnant and brand new moms!

My son’s due date was Christmas Eve. No joke.

And it was no joke either. I was enormous and seriously had nothing to wear!

A friend had her first child at the beginning of December. Initially I felt a bit jealous that she was going to be able to wear “normal” clothes again for Christmas… until I discovered just how long it takes to get back into “normal” clothes after birth!

Poor thing had some oversupply-with-milk issues too, so she was very conscious of the danger of wet patches forming on her top and embarrassing older uncles at Christmas dinner. So that and her still rather large tummy meant she was laughing about wearing some not-so-lovely maternity clothes again that she had thought she would put away for a while.

Frankly I think the fact that she could laugh about it is why we are friends!

I think I wore maternity style clothing for quite a while after my kids were born… longer than I want to actually calculate and admit to, so don’t wait for it!

Although there were a number of people around me who could have said “get real, girl!” no one helped me realise that the only people who actually look good after birth are celebrities. And even they don’t fit into their usual sizes.

My mother tells me about staying 2 weeks in hospital to recover after she had me… even though she probably would have been happy to go home after a few days. Nowadays poor Kate Middleton had to front up to the world the day after giving birth. And she has done it elegantly 3 times, with makeup and heels.

In keeping with the spirit of the season of giving, I want to bless you with the gift of my hindsight. So I would like to suggest these outfits as possible ones for your special Christmas or family occasions around holiday times.

Of course, I also can’t resist cute t-shirts so I have added a couple of those for the more relaxed occasions as well 😉

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If this dress was good enough for Kate Middleton (who wore it on not one but TWO occasions), then it is fantastic for the rest of us! Do I need to say more about it?? No, I didn’t think so either.

Click here to check it out!

I think this is a useful and elegant dress. Stylish way to hide tummy bulge, check. Access for breastfeeding if necessary, or to um… change the nursing pads, check! Plus it has several colours and can be dressed up or down. AND there are pockets. Win.

Check it out here!

I have included this one since I personally prefer a long length and longer sleeves if possible. I am large and tall so this is more my style if I want to feel elegant and dressed-up. Many of my friends prefer shorter length dresses. I figured a mix would help those of you with different preferences.

I also really like the wide variety of colours and prints. There is almost a color for everyone!

Check it out here!

Truly this is not my style. But my sister rocks this type of dress. And it is simple but can be very classy. Most of all it can comfortable! It scores low since it doesn’t really have easy breastfeeding ability… but some people may not be worried about that (like if you haven’t had your baby yet.)

Check it out here!


This is a standard in many women’s maternity wardrobe – a plain top that has lots of space for their tummy to grow, and cross-over styling so that when baby arrives they can breastfeed if they need. I couldn’t breastfeed but did use breast-pumps for a while and I wore my top like this for a VERY long time. So really I include it since you may want a new one for Christmas… or to get one if you haven’t already!

Check it out here!

Or try this one:

Very similar but without the low crossover at the front for those who prefer not to show as much cleavage.

Check it out here!

Firstly, I am plus size so I have to include at least one thing that is more aimed at myself and my plus size girls (woop, woop!). Secondly, the title of this item actually suggests it is for eating, napping and sleeping (can I get an amen?!?). The fact that it is cute just seals the deal.

I could not resist. Seriously, where was this when I needed it??

My husband valiantly tried to drink to drink for three… but I think I did a much better job at eating for two frankly. I may have even managed to eat for three. But that is another story for another time…

And, yes, I know it isn’t for the end of the pregnancy, more like the beginning, but maybe save it for next time???

Check it out here!

Back to relaxed t-shirts again. I think this is cute. And there are so many out there!

Check it out here!

Well, just in case they haven’t noticed, you could wear this to make sure everyone realises you have in fact had your baby.

I just like this one 🙂

Check it out here!

Keep Warm

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Here are some ever-stylish options for covering up:


White cable sweaters are just so Christmassy! Plus the thick chunky cable and warm turtleneck helps to draw eyes to the length of your body, which is slimming.

Check it out here!

Check it out here!

You can’t go wrong with a red tartan plaid at Christmas. This particular version is nursing friendly and has plenty of space for the postpartum tummy. If you’re choosing a non-maternity style, consider a button down in a larger size for a relaxed fit, or an open cardigan style.


Something to dress up and down, wear to work if need be or to a special occasion always seems a worthwhile investment to me. If you are working you may already have something like this in your wardrobe. If not, this can be a way to create more outfits from the tops and shorter dresses you may have.

I have a large family, as does my husband. Between us our holiday period gets pretty busy, especially when you throw in several family birthdays into the mix as well. Yeah there are a few very nearly Christmas babies in our family! I needed ways to have a few outfits within my small collection of maternity clothes. For me, having different ways to mix and match tops and trousers was my go-to.

But while we are on the topic, can I just say that accessories are really your friend in these circumstances. A scarf or necklace can change how your outfit looks.

Check it out here!

A simple pair of jeans. I lived in my maternity jeans like this for most of both of my pregnancies.

Check it out here!

For those of you who like a bit more color in your wardrobe – here it is. Some of the prints are a bit wild, but fun!  If you have one of the plain tops listed above then it would be an easy outfit.

Check it out here!

I hope that helps you find something to wear this holiday season to feel special while celebrating your amazing new baby with friends and family. Most of all, relax and enjoy it!!