Best pregnancy movies to watch in the first trimester.

Morning sickness is the worst. Am I right, ladies?

If you’re suffering with nausea right now, you might be finding it hard to get off the couch. And you might want something to take your mind off things…

How about a nice pregnancy movie?

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I spent a lot of time lying flat on my couch in those early weeks of pregnancy and that meant a lot of movies… Netflix… Facebook scrolling…

But, here’s some of the movies I enjoyed. Perfect for the first trimester!

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1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

2. The Business of Being Born

3. Nine Months

4. Baby Mama

5. Maybe Baby

6. Babies

7. Riding in Cars with Boys

8. Away We Go

9. Juno

10. For Keeps

11. The Back-up Plan

12. Junior

13. She’s Having a Baby

14. Look Who’s Talking

15. Baby’s Day Out

16. Baby Boom

17. Labor Pains

18. Knocked Up

19. Friends with Kids

Over to You

If you make it through every one of these movies, you’re a champion! Or you have terrible morning sickness (sorry about that).

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