save-moneyIs one of your New Year’s resolutions to stick to a budget, save your money, or get out of debt?

You’ll love this series!

Over the course of 2018, I’ll be sharing one thing you can do to save at least $100 each year. Start doing them all and that’s $5,200 a year! Nice!

Looking for others in the series? I’ll link them in the bottom of the post as soon as they go live.

Why 52 Ways to Save $100 a Year (Or More)?

It’s so easy to get excited about the new year and set goals and resolutions of how this year’s going to be different. But, it’s a whole different story when February and March roll around and our resolutions are already gathering dust.

I’m tired of that and I want to break the cycle. If big changes don’t last, what about small ones?

That’s what this series is all about: small changes (mostly) that you can easily make that make a big impact over time.

Let’s get saving!

The Big Bucket – Savings on Groceries

After essential bills, the next biggest expense for most people is food. So, when you’re trying to save money it makes sense to try cut back on groceries… somehow.

Want one simple way to make savings on your grocery bill each week? It’s as easy as switching from brand name to generic on a handful of items.

Generic or store-brand items are usually made in the same factory with the same ingredients as the name brand items… and they usually taste the same (or close to it).

Small differences in price add up

It’s easy to dismiss small savings as no big deal. But here’s something to think about:

If the difference between most brand name products and store-label products is $1 (for convenience), and you’re buying 20-30 items per shop… that’s $20-$30 extra you’re paying for brand names!

That’s a lot!

$20-$30 a week, over the course of a year is over $1,000!

Start out small

The idea behind this challenge is to start small. You don’t have to give up all your favorite brands at once! (That can be especially hard when there’s more than just you in the household…)

All it takes is finding a $2 saving in a week and those small savings will add up to $100 over the course of a year.

Some examples of where to look for savings

This is fresh in my mind because I JUST put in a grocery order online this morning.

I looked at the price of my yogurt brand ($5) against the price of the generic ($3)…


An easy $2/week saving, adding up to over $100 per year.

That was fun!

What about on other products?

Cheese. Milk. Eggs. Cereal.

It’s easier to find these savings on processed foods of course, but you can still save at least $100 a year on staples.

Your turn

Are you inspired to start whittling down your grocery budget? I am!

Make sure you let me know how you go! Share your biggest wins in your grocery budget below.