Southern Baby Girl Names – inspiration for moms-to-be!

Are you expecting a baby belle soon? Looking for the perfect name for your little lass?

Finding the right name for your baby is a big deal – will you choose a unique name? Something classic? A modern name?

How about a Southern name?

Although the south is known for country music, delicious food, and unprecedented hospitality, there’s another secret of the south so often forgotten: some of the most beautiful, heartwarming baby names evoking charm, tradition, and grace.
Southern girl names roll off the tongue and brighten the mood. Perhaps you’ll find the perfect sweet and sassy Southern girl name for your bundle of joy right here on this list.

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Abigail means ‘my father’s joy’ in the Bible. This name is often shortened to Abby as a nickname or you could even use Gail.


Meaning ‘yield to prayer,’ Arabella is a southern name with a second meaning of ‘beautiful and lovable.’ The gentle name is soothing and sentimental with a beautiful shortened version: Bella.

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The name of Sleeping Beauty. Is there really more to say? A name fit for a precious Princess! Possible nicknames include the boyish cute Rory or cute as can be Aura.


An Irish name meaning ‘strength or exalted one.’ Bree is often used as a nickname for Briana, Sabrina or even Gabrielle (all wonderful names in their own right!)


‘Wise, young wolf’ is one meaning of the Southern girl’s name Channing. The name is of English origin.


Caroline is the feminine version of Charles. It is an early 17th-century name. You might like to use Carol as a nickname as she grows!


Delilah is a Hebrew name meaning ‘Amorous.’


Dixie is a term often used to describe the South. It’s also a popular name that invokes spunk and sass!


Eden is a Biblical name that means ‘delight.’


Ellie is An English name. It means ‘most beautiful woman.’


Faye is an uncommon Southern girl’s name, at least in today’s modern society. It means ‘loyalty’.


Florence is of Latin origin. Girls named Florence oftentimes use abbreviations such as Flossie or Flo.


Hattie is a very old Southern name. It is a variation of the feminine name Harriet and means ‘ruler of the home.’


Harley is of Old English origin.


A common Southern girl’s middle name, Lynn means ‘beautiful or tender.’ It is a shortened version of Lynette.


Mabel is a Latin name meaning ‘beautiful and loving.’


Magnolia is a name meaning ‘splendid beauty.’ It is associated with the tree of the same name. The most obvious nickname here is Maggie, however Noel or Nola are also good options.


Nora is a name of Latin and Hebrew origin. In Latin, the name means ‘honor’ while it means ‘light’ in Hebrew.


Phoebe is unique and fun. It means ‘bright and shining.’ It is an English name.


Prissy is of American origin. The name is often used as a nickname for Priscilla.


Raylene is another classic Southern girl’s name that isn’t commonly used today. The name means ‘queen.’ It is a diminutive form of the name Rachel.


Ruth is an Old Hebrew name. It means ‘friend, companion, a vision of beauty.’


Shiloh is a Biblical name meaning ‘peace.’


‘A very bright light’ is the meaning of this unique Southern girl’s name.


Savannah is of Native American origin. The name is a 16th-century name with the meaning ‘treeless plane.’


In tradition, Taylor is a boy’s name. It is often used as a girl’s name in modern times. The name means ‘clothed with salvation.’


Meaning ‘from a high rocky cliff,’ the Southern girl name Taryn has been used as early as the 1700s.


Teresa is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It means ‘harvester.’ Tessa or Tess are the nicknames commonly associated with this name.


Virginia is a name with Latin origin. It is oftentimes shortened to Gigi. The name means ‘maiden or virgin.’


Winona is a feminine name meaning ‘firstborn.’ It is an anglicized version of the Dakota descriptive term for firstborn daughter.