Wooden Toy Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

You may have realized from my choices for the top gifts for baby’s first Christmas that I prefer toys that last.

I am sure I am not the only one.

Recently there has been a big move towards minimalism. And zero waste has become a thing as well.

Why am I relating that to toys which last?

Well, when we moved into a new place a few years back, one of the things we were told about the previous tenants was that they had “wasted their money”.


And how in the world did he know?? Were we about to move into a place that had hidden cameras or something??? (Tell me I am not the only person who jumps to these conclusions!)

He told us they must have wasted their money buying plastic toys which then lay broken around the backyard. Until the owner got rid of those tenants and had to try to clean up all the rubbish they left behind…

Plastic toys have their place.

There are some awesome toys made of plastic… and then there are the others.

You know the ones.

Your kid cries for them in the shop, and the toy doesn’t cost much so you give in and buy it…

And it breaks in the car on the way home and is never played with again.

Been there.

Hated that.

It helps me to not give in if I remember how long the toy will last!

I have always been a fan of wooden toys.

Besides coming from a renewable resource, they are hardy. Even my son has not managed to break any of his ones. And believe me, he has really really tested them out!

But I confess that some look a bit more “budget-handmade-too-traditional” than I like… I want the solid really-tricky-to-break of wood, with the colors and fun ideas of many plastic toys.

Image credit: DarklingDesigns10

This is an example of what I mean. Yes, it has the cute traditional wooden styling, but it is painted in bright colors and has good pieces for play. We had this one and it lasted so well with plenty of play that we have handed it on to a preschool to get more loving!

I don’t know about you, but I also tend to want to look at toys that are a little bit different and might spark some more play in my kids. So I have pulled together a list of wooden toys that I recommend, some of which are not quite typical.

Wonderful Wooden toy gift guide

Wooden Vehicles 

Cars and trucks made of wood are brilliant.

They are solid so when a kid leans on them to make them drive, they don’t buckle. I think that is important for younger kids.

They can even be stood on if need be… but I do not recommend it with bare feet in the middle of the night. It may cause words you try not to say to come out of your mouth. Ask me how I know 😉

hailey the car hauler

Image Credit: Trick Truck

My boy has had two versions of this toy. It is the backbone of his toy car collection, which is pretty big I can tell you! There is also a need to move your cars from one spot to another. So a car hauler is a very important part of the toy box.

3D wooden road

Image Credit: NaturaltoysStore

I think this is incredibly clever work. I know my children would have so much fun using these… and so would many other kids I know.

wooden train with carriages

Image Credit: Happy Little Folks Shop

Gorgeous train – and you gotta love that you can choose your own bit of color to put on it.

wooden puzzle truck

Image Credit: WoodnNat

This is just straight clever! A puzzle and vehicles rolled up into one.

And while you’re too late for this Christmas, I couldn’t resist including a couple of examples of fine craftsmanship.

chubby lil biplane

Image Credit: grandpacharlieswkshp

cool model-t truck replica

Image Credit: grandpacharlieswkshp

Puzzles and games

Wooden puzzles seem the best way in my opinion.

Every “normal” puzzle we had was made of cardboard. And I had chewers. All of those that survived intact have bite marks and look dog-eared. Just sad.

Another advantage to wooden puzzles is if you should happen to have a kid who likes to help the pieces fit. You know, where they bang them real hard to make it work even if it isn’t in the right place?!?

Yeah. Wood doesn’t usually bend so it can last a few more attempts.

Here are some that caught my eye as I was browsing.

name puzzle

Image Credit: BusyPuzzle

wooden puzzle elephants

Image Credit: GreenWoodLT

wooden shapes puzzle


large tree puzzle

Image Credit: Puzzleson

wooden puzzle with knobs

Image Credit: MamumaBird

wooden name puzzle




personalised wooden toy chest

Image Credit: DarklingDesign10

A place to store all the toys. Simple baby toys come with it. It can be personalized. AND it’s a seat. Enough said.

personalised wooden toy music table

Image Credit: HappyMomentsUK

I love musical toys for kids so I had to include this. (Confession: I want it made in my size!)

wooden toy magnetic fishing game

Image Credit: MamumaBird

This could go in the baby section, but it is a game that slightly older kids could play with younger siblings as well, so I included it here. Basically, a classic, made in a classic style.

labyrinth balance board

Image Credit: NaturaltoysStore

Ok, so my boy is super active. Anybody else feel me??

SO this looks like the best way to have him stay in one place and yet be moving. It would keep him occupied for some time.

Frankly I would want a turn!


Image Credit: AmaWoodShop

Classic game, made more durable. Love.

personalised unicorn and rainbow bracelet making kit

Image Credit: CottonTwistLTD

Not so much a game, but great for the slightly older creative budding fashionista!

board game fruit and berry cube com

Image Credit: Toys Wooden Gifts

Honestly, I adore finding new and different games and toys to use. This was my exciting find for this post. The one that I will be trying to buy for the kids myself this Christmas. It looks clever, but simple. And you cannot beat the price. Win, win, win.

Wooden Toy Gift Ideas for Babies

Of course there are all sorts of toys you can buy for babies made of wood. I have included a few that I found that I really loved.

carla's treasure basket

Image Credit: CarlaSTreasure

stacking ring

Image Credit: KubiyaGames

multi colored cubes

Image Credit: ToysWoodenGifts

handmade wooden blocks

Image Credit: DINDINTOYS

wooden handmade horse swing

Image Credit: Green Wood LT

baby gym

Image Credit: Zummbi

Pretend play

Since our son has a developmental delay pretend play has always been a big feature that we try to encourage. It takes so much imagination and certain brain development for kids to do pretend play.

Of course it is also the way that they make sense of the world around them. So giving them their own kitchen or playhouse helps with learning all the skills they need for “real” life.

More than that though, it is just great fun!

I suggest finding something so your kids can play alongside you while you do the real thing!!

organic wooden tool box set

Image Credit: BannorToys

Having just said that kids copy, if you are not exactly tradesman material then maybe they could learn from Bob the Builder??

cash register

Image Credit: Allwoodenbiz

And money is important so teach them how to spend well early!!

personalised wooden birthday cake

Image Credit: MelanieDesignsGifts

The preschool my kids attended had a pretend birthday cake that they lit real candles on for birthdays.

I am not suggesting you do that! But it seemed a good idea when there were a number of birthdays, and it was easier on the adults’ waistlines…

wooden toy kitchen

Image Credit: AToymakersDaughter

wooden stove

Image Credit: Allwoodenbiz

A couple of the kitchens that I found.

And every kitchen needs to be fitted out with some of the following:


Image Credit: HappyMomentsUK

wooden donut toy

Image Credit: ChickadeesWoodenToys

wooden play food

Image Credit: Chickadees Wooden Toys

personalised wooden veg box

Image Credit: thelaserengravingco

personalised fruit chopping board

Image Credit: HappyMomentsUK

I loved some of the little wooden dolls. These ones don’t need any explanation. You will know if your kids would enjoy them.

dolls of the world

Image Credit: WouldBeYouPegDolls

wiggles inspired peg dolls

Image Credit: WoodBeYouPegDolls

wooden nativity set

Image Credit: WouldBeYouPegDolls

custom family peg dolls

Image Credit: WouldBeYouPegDolls

hobbit house

Image Credit: Allwoodenbiz

And of course, a house for them to be in… a hobbit house no less!

I hope this has inspired you to go and look for some wooden toys this Christmas!