Baby’s first Christmas – homemade Christmas ornament ideas.

Are you looking forward to baby’s first Christmas?

It’ll mean the start of Christmas traditions you’ll enjoy for years to come! It’s such an exciting time.

Making a special homemade ornament is a lovely and meaningful way to honor the occasion that’ll bring you joy year after year.

Here are some ideas for you:

Hand Stamp Ornament 


Take a clear, glass Christmas bulb ornament and use washable paint to put your babies hand print on the glass. This sweet memory will last a lifetime and be a lovely addition to your Christmas tree. 

The Silhouette Ornament 

Draw a silhouette of your baby’s face on a piece of black construction paper. Cut it out and glue it onto your choice of ornaments for a simple and sweet effect to remind you of your baby’s first Christmas. 

DIY With a Porcelain Pen

Use a porcelain pen to write and draw on a porcelain ornament to commemorate baby’s first Christmas.

The Baby Shoe Ornament 

Take one of your baby’s first shoes and attach a piece of ribbon to hang it on your tree. You can use this memento to remember how small your baby was during their first Christmas. 

I love how easy this one is!

The Baby Photo Ornament 

Take your favorite photo of your baby and cut out a section small enough to fit on a Christmas bulb ornament. Glue it onto the ornament so you will always remember how your baby looked during your first Christmas celebration together. 

Or you can add your baby’s photo INSIDE a plastic fillable bauble.

The Plaster Mold Ornament 

Make a plaster mold of your baby’s hand print and make certain to include a small hole at the top. Use a piece of sparkling red or green ribbon to hang this special memory on your tree. 

The Wooden Christmas Ornament 

Take a sliver of wood the right size for your tree. Use a wood burning kit to carve your baby’s name and date of birth into the ornament and hang it with a red ribbon to add a little old fashioned flair and style. 

The Dough Hand Print Ornament 

Use a piece of dough to create a fantastic ornament of your baby’s hand print. Press your baby’s hand into the dough to make a mold, wait for the dough to harden, add paint and glitter and emboss the back with your baby’s name and date of birth. 

The Onesies Tag Ornament 

Take a piece of sturdy construction paper and cut out the shape of a baby onsies outfit. Add your baby’s name, length and weight at birth, and their date of birth with colored markers for a sensational ornament for your tree. 

The Keepsake Bauble 

Take a plastic fillable ornament and put in special keepsakes such as your baby’s bracelet from the hospital, little plastic rocking horses or teddy bears and pieces of colored ribbon. Use acrylic paint to put your baby’s name right on the ornament. 

Learn more here: DIY Baby Christmas Keepsake Bauble

The Numbered Ornament 

Every year, paint your baby’s name and age on a solid colored Christmas ornament. This is a wonderful way to keep track of your child’s Christmas celebrations starting with the very first one. 

The Mini Snow Globe Ornament 

Take a clear bulb ornament, screw off the bottom, attach a mini Christmas tree with a hot glue gun, then screw it back together. Use a sharpie to add your baby’s name and date of birth at the bottom for an amazing mini snow globe you will enjoy for years. 

The Wooden Baby Block Ornament 

Take a wooden baby block and attach a picture of your baby on one side and a screw on the top you can add a ribbon to later for hanging. You can use the other sides for additional pictures, adding your baby’s name or writing a special message. 

The Felt Ornament 

Take a piece of colored felt and decorate it with sequins, beads, little bows, small silk roses or anything that appeals to you. Use embroidery floss to stitch your baby’s name in the center for an adorable and customized ornament. 

The Little Stuffie Ornament 

Take a piece of felt and create an animal such as a kitten, duck or puppy using pieces of cloth, felt lace, buttons and glitter. Stitch your baby’s name onto a second piece of felt the same size before sewing the two pieces together and plumping them with stuffing. 

The Snowman Ornament 

Decorate a small round foam ball as a snowman’s head prior to gluing it onto a Christmas ornament. Decorate the ornament with your baby’s name, glitter or paint, then tie a piece of material between the foam and the ornament for the snowman’s scarf. 

The Pinecone Christmas Elf Ornament 

Cut out two mittens, a hat, feet and a scarf using a piece of felt. Draw eyes, a nose and a mouth on a foam ball, glue it onto the top of a pinecone, then glue on the felt pieces to make a delightful elf. 

The Cookie Cutter Ornament 

Take one of your Christmas cookie cutters and glue a photo of you baby inside. Decorate the outside ridge with glitter and use a permanent marker to write your baby’s name on the back for a sensational addition to your tree. 

The Baby Bootie Ornament 

Take one of you baby’s booties and decorate it with pieces of lace, ribbons and glitter. Stitch you baby’s name on the side and use a piece of festive ribbon to hang it from your tree for a uniquely personal ornament. 

The Origami Ornament 

Fashion a Christmas tree using origami paper. Write your baby’s name on the star you place at the top and decorate it with ornaments using small pearl buttons, beads, tiny bows, little bells and colored pieces of paper. 

The Baby Bottle Ornament 

Take a small bottle meant for a doll and decorate it with glitter, your baby’s name, sequins and stars. Tie a ribbon around the bottle where it connects to the nipple and hang it from your tree!

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