If you’re not careful you can quickly get overwhelmed by the sheer number of baby clothes your little one accumulates. Babies go through sizes so quickly, you need to keep at least the next size up easily accessible… and you’re likely to receive gifts (or buy ahead) for several sizes.

What do you do with all these clothes?

That’s where these baby clothes organizer ideas come in.

Here are the best of the best handy ideas, tips, tricks and hacks for keeping your little one’s closet organized and functional (if not downright Pinterest-worthy!)

Baby Clothes Organizer Ideas

baby clothes organizer ideas (3)

Baby Clothes Closet Dividers

Are you going to hang your baby clothes or fold? Even if you prefer to fold, there are still some items you’ll most likely want to hang (like button down shirts and some dresses). 

The easiest way to keep baby clothes organized when hanging them is by using closet dividers. These dividers help you keep the clothes separated into their sizes. 

baby clothes organizer ideas

Photo credit: A Step in the Journey

You can make these yourself with an old cereal box and a tiny amount of crafting ability. Or you can download a few different sets for free here: Free Printable Baby Closet Dividers.

If you have no crafting skills (or you don’t have the time to knock something together yourself), Amazon sells all kinds of different styles for cheap. Added bonus – they’re much more durable and will last you a long time. 


Add Fabric Shelves


This set of shelves is designed to hang from your closet rail and is an awesome way to create more storage space in a small (or shared) closet. This set has 7 shelves and 3 drawers which gives you a good variety of storage areas perfect for the different sized baby things you’re going to be storing. You could store burp cloths, cloth diapers, toys, socks, winterwear and more in this!

Get Mobile with a Clothing Cart


There are so many brilliant ways to use a little cart like this for baby! Use it to hold baby shoes, blankets and other odds and ends, or turn it into a portable breastfeeding or change station with everything you need to nurse or change your baby’s diaper in any room.

Use the Back Of the Closet Door

This over the door hanging organizer is perfect to increase your storage space by hanging it either over the nursery door, or on the back of the closet door. If you’re short, or your door won’t close with the over-the-door hooks attached, just grab some command hooks from Amazon and you’ll be good to go. The baskets are quite deep, so maybe don’t use it for tiny baby clothes, but it’s perfect for diapers (cloth or disposable), wipes, lotions, soft toys, and socks. One super smart idea: if you have a split level home, use this on the back of a closet door as your secondary diaper/changing stash and include things like a changemat, diapers, wipes, lotion and a few spare onesies and bibs just in case!

Use a Shoe Organizer on the Back of the Nursery Door

via Wit And Wander

Shoe organizers are the perfect size for keeping lots and lots of those precious little onesies out where you can easily see and get to them. Onesies often manage to work their way into the backs of drawer corners – using a shoe organizer means you won’t get stuck using the same few items simply because they’re at the top of the drawer! These are PERFECT for organizing cloth diapers too.

Once your little one grows, you’ll be able to use the same organizer to hold hats, socks, swimwear and someday even shoes!

Get a shoe organizer on Amazon and start organizing!

Use Clothes Pegs to Keep Coordinating Tops and Bottoms Together


This baby clothes organizer idea is brilliant! If you find you’re receiving (or buying) a lot of top/bottom combo outfits for your little one, you can use clothes pegs to peg the bottoms to the clothes hanger.

DIY Headband and Bow Organizer


If you’re up for a DIY project, this shabby chic headband and bow organizer is adorable, practical and functional. All you need is chicken wire and a frame and some clothes pegs to attach your little girl’s bows and bands.

You’ll never need to hunt for the right bow again! 

Organize Drawers Like This


via Apartment Therapy

Baby clothes are so tiny they can get quite unruly and end up in a tangled mess! Using an organizer like this helps keep things under control and contained.

And you can use it for pretty much all your baby items: socks, vests, t-shirts, onesies, you name it!

Some organizer ideas from Amazon:

Organize Odds and Ends With Hanging Baskets


There’s a lot to love about this well organized closet! First: having a basket to toss clothes that baby has outgrown is a brilliant idea (and having the next size up on the other size works well too) – I preferred to use lidded plastic containers like these to keep the stored clothes clean. As an added bonus, they stack well in the garage when you’re ready to put them into storage for baby #2+. Second: the crate baskets are hanging using cup hooks and are perfect for keeping small items and odds and ends out of the way. Finally, if you’ve got things on the highest shelves in your closet it is so sensible to add a step-stool in the closet itself so you can easily reach everything. 

Add these to your shopping list for this look:

Hang Baskets on Hooks Wherever You Need Storage


These gorgeous baskets make great storage options for hanging over the change table or anywhere else you need quick access storage.  

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Attach Wire Baskets to the Wall and Use as Shelves


Isn’t this just the cutest shelving idea? It’s perfect for displaying some of your cloth diaper stash (in easy reach of the change table of course!) and can be used for all kinds of things if you aren’t cloth diapering. The stuffed animal and name blocks make a lovely decorative touch!

You’ll want to grab semi-square wire baskets to make these shelves work so that they aren’t too slanted – these look good on Amazon (they have a slightly narrower base compared to the opening. This might be something you want to look at in person in the shop to make sure the angles are all good!

Use Clip Rings to Hang Baby Shoes


If your baby is acquiring loads of shoes, you might like to try this cute option for storing them! Grab these clip rings from Amazon which you can hook onto a rod inside your baby’s closet (or a custom dowel rod in whatever storage option you like.) Your baby’s shoes will look adorable so you’ll get to enjoy them AND remember to put them on your baby before she grows out of them!

Use Shallow Baskets in Drawers as Dividers


via A Night Owl Blog

There are many MANY ways to divide drawers to make them more practical for tiny baby gear. One way you’ll love is using shallow baskets (because later you’ll have those baskets to use for other things!)

Try these baskets out (you might want to measure your drawer height first!):

Double Your Storage Space by Using Rods Under Shelves


Turn your baby’s most beautiful outfits into part of your nursery decor with this clever hack! Now while I’ve never noticed that you could buy shelves with rods already attached, you totally can! Here’s one option, and another! Or, you could DIY your own solution buying the shelves and rods separately. 

Use Clothespins to Hang Bows and Headbands


If you have a little girl with lots and lots of bows and headbands, you’ll love this storage solution! It’s cute, practical and means you won’t have to spend time rummaging through baskets trying to find the right bow for your baby’s outfit. This is a totally DIY solution (but it’s pretty easy!), you just need to use wood glue to attach the clothes pegs – you can use any type of wood and decorate it however you like!

Make the Most of a Small Closet With Two Clothes Rods


via Tatertots & Jello

Kids clothes are so short… it’s a real space waster to hang them in a ‘normal’ single clothing rod closet. You can maximise your storage space in a small closet easily by simply adding a second rod. Then you’ve got loads of options – will you hang tops and bottoms on the top and bottom rail respectively? Will you hang the next size up clothes on the bottom rail? 

Double Your Storage Space With Double Rods

Here’s another example of a double rods in a larger space:

I love the different shelving options and the plastic laundry basket shelves!

Keep Baby Socks Together in the Wash

Baby socks are tiny and are ALWAYS disappearing. Keep them together by storing mesh laundry bags in your baby’s laundry hamper and put socks in them straight away. 

Use Clothes Pins to Hang Baby Shoes


Keep your baby’s shoes organized and out of the way using clothes pins – you can DIY this with a bit of wood glue and some spare wood!

More Baby Clothes Ideas:

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