Best pregnancy movies to watch when you’re pregnant!

I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant I spent a LOT of time on the couch. My hip pain made it very difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep in any position. And then there was that fun time I ended up with a bad cold at 32 weeks pregnant.

I literally did not sleep more than about 2 hours in that whole week.

What did I do? Well, a mix of things.

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Bubbleshooter (yes… I played that game for HOURS. But I beat it… so… yeah… go me!)
  • Watch TV and MOVIES

Now when you’re pregnant, even if your taste usually runs more to Alien and Lord of the Rings like me, you might find it hard to enjoy that kind of movie. My hormones were pushing me more in the direction of movies involving pregnancy and babies. Totally not my normal fare at all…

pregnancy movies

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Here’s a choice selection for your next TV sesh from me at Making of Mom:

1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

2. The Business of Being Born

3. Nine Months

4. Father of the Bride 2

5. Baby Mama

6. Babies

7. Riding in Cars with Boys

8. Away We Go

9. Juno

10. For Keeps

11. The Back-up Plan

12. Junior

13. She’s Having a Baby

14. Look Who’s Talking

15. Boss Baby

16. Due Date

17. Labor Pains

18. Knocked Up

19. Waitress

20. Parenthood

21. Three Men and A Baby

22. Life as we Know It

23. Friends with Kids

24. Where the Heart Is

25. Raising Arizona

26. Baby’s Day Out

27. Meet the Fockers

28. Baby Boom

29. Maybe Baby

30. Mr.Mom

31. Mom’s Night Out

32. The Great Sperm Race

This is a fascinating documentary telling the story of conception at a million times the size. You’ll have a new appreciation for the process let me tell you!

33. One Born Every Minute

34. Call the Midwife

35. Bringing Up Baby

Three different methods for raising babies are put to the test in this documentary, ranging from attachment parenting to the other extreme. If you haven’t given much thought to life after your baby is born, this one’s worth watching.

Over to You

If you make it through every one of these movies, you’re a champion! But, even if you don’t, let us know which of these was your favorite. Also, do you have any other recommendations?

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