How to choose a perfect domain name.

If you’re following along the Zero to Blog guide to starting your own blog, here’s what we’ve covered so far:

How to Choose Your Blogging Niche

You’ve got a niche you want to write in and now you’re ready to name your blog (and get a domain name for it too!)

But, what should you call it?

This is a big decision.

How should you name your blog so you don’t get blog name regret?how-to-choose-your-domain-name (1)

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What to Name Your Blog?

You have two options when naming your blog:

  1. Use Your Own Name
  2. Come Up With A Creative Name

Why Use Your Own Name

If you’re a creative professional or want to offer services from your blog, using your own name is an option.

Since your name doesn’t tell people what your blog is about, you’ll probably end up using a tagline that clues people in to the purpose of your blog.

When I wouldn’t use my name:

  • if your name is difficult to spell, remember, or pronounce
  • if I wanted my blog to be more of a community

Why Come Up With A Creative Name

A creative name can be a lot of fun! Think Pinch of Yum or Pregnant Chicken. It conveys what the blog is about (sort of) and sounds fun.

How to Create the Best Blog Name

The best blog names relate at least a little to the niche of the blog (in my opinion anyway). It helps let your audience know what your blog is about.

If you don’t have a name leaping to mind immediately, I’m a firm believer in letting things percolate with time. You’ll come up with a better name if you don’t force it.

Also, because there are so many blogs out there, a lot of names are taken. I like to do my name brainstorming on the computer and I’ll search for my ideas as I come up with them to make sure they aren’t already being used.

Here’s some things you can do to help your creative juices flow:

  1. Write down as many words as you can that describe your niche. For example, you might include pregnant, pregnancy, mom.
  2. Write down any sayings, cliches, metaphors etc. that relate to your niche. For example, bun in the oven, eating for two, up the duff.
  3. Consider any other words you might want to use to describe your blog. For example, modern, fabulous, savvy, smart, clever.
  4. Read through everything you’ve written down and start trying to put them together to create your blog’s name.
  5. Run some words through a business name generator and see if any appeal to you. Check out this post, it’s got 6 different generators to try.
  6. Sleep on it. If you don’t come up with the perfect name in your first session, try again the following day.
  7. If you’re not making progress on a name after a day or two, set yourself a deadline and stick to it. At the end of the day, it’s far more important that you start your blog than find the perfect name.

You’ve Chosen Your Blog Name, What Now?

Now you’re ready to roll! You’ve got your blog name ready to go.

The first step is to make sure it’s not already taken and the social media handles are available. You can check with the app Knowem that the social media profiles you might want in your blog’s name are available.

They’re available? Great!

On to the next step.

What Type of Domain Name Should You Get?

There are so many different types of domains these days. .com, .org, .me, .ninja…

Which one should you choose?

Here’s what I think:

The gold standard is .com.

If you can get a .com in your preferred name then do it.

Otherwise, here’s my rules of thumb:

  • If the .com is in use by a current blog or business, go back to the drawing board and choose a different name.
  • If the .com is not being used (it’s vacant or kept by a domain squatter), consider using .co, or .net.
  • Keep in mind that using anything but .com might mean people can’t find you.
  • Be aware that there are meanings behind the different extensions – for example, .org is used by non-profits, .me is usually used for personal name domains.

How Do You Purchase Your Domain?

It’s easiest to buy your domain through your hosting company when you set up hosting.

Simply click here now to follow along with my tutorial on how to set up your hosting with your new domain name.

Over to You!

What’s your perfect domain name? Let us know once you’ve gone over and snagged it along with your hosting package!

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