Earthy boy names – masculine nature names for baby boys!

Have you been thinking lately of the best name for your baby boy? Making such a big decision like what to call your baby is not easy.

Don’t stress! You’ll find the perfect name for your little baby boy.

Perhaps you want to get away from the most popular names out there and choose a name with meaning. If you’re a lover of the natural world, you’ll enjoy this list of masculine and earthy baby boy names plucked from nature.

Here are over 50 handsome and earthy boy names with a strong connection to nature.

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Acton: (England) This name means ‘oak’ and ‘tun,’ which means ‘town or village.’ It, therefore, means a person who comes from the town or village of an oak tree.

Ainsley:(Scottish) This name refers to Hermitage wood or clearing.

Aster: (Greek) This name means “star.”

Archer: (French) Means “bow,” think of a hunter in the woods looking for a meal or in anticipation to provide food for his family.

Aegis: (Greek)Meaning goat-skin shield of Zeus and his daughter Athena

Alder: (English) means the alder tree.

Arrow: (English) This name means “stream.”

Alona: (Hebrew) means strong as an oak tree.

Atlas:(Greek) The name means noble.

Arno: (German) The name means “eagle” ever thought of the virtues and principles of an eagle? This name is unique.

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Bradford:(English) This name is derived from a town Bradford in the UK. It means a shallow part of the river that you can use to walk on.

Brennon:(Irish) means rain, teardrop, or moisture.

Blue: (American) Just as calm and beautiful, the sky appears; this name is the right bet.

Brenton: (Celtic) This boy name means “hilltop,” it could also mean “Byni’s homestead” or “town close to a burnt land.

Bear: (English) The meaning is the same as the name. A teddy bear is cute!

Brock: (English) means either “badger,” “a young deer,” or “a brook, stream.”

Clay: (English) meaning “settlement near the clay pit.” It is a short form of Clayton.

Cliff: (English) This nature name for boys means “settlement by the cliff.” It implies that your son might experience some fun while diving into sparkling water from a high rock point.

Fennel: (Latin) means “little hay.”

Forrest: (English) The name means the same as “forest” and is an illustration of love for nature.

Grove: (English) meaning “grove,” this is an exciting fun boy name to use.

Holt: (English) This boy’s name means “woods, forest.” It is still rare, and so easy to say/spell.

Hurley: (Irish) This nature name for boys “sea tide.”

Hunter: (English) Meaning “one who hunts,” if you are an outdoor fan, consider this name.

Linden: (English) means “linden tree hill.” However, it has become much rare.

Orson:(Latin) This name is as cute as a teddy bear. It means “strong” and “dignified.”

Marcellus:(Latin) means “small warrior.”

Montana: (Spanish) The name means mountainous. Storm:(Scandinavia) means thundery skies.

Treyton(England) Means “trees.”

Keanu: (Hawaii) Means cool breeze.

Rehan: (Irish) It means a sweet-scented plant.

Ocean: (English) This boy’s name means a large saltwater body that covers the majority of the earth.

Ombre: (French) This name means “color,” and it sounds beautiful.

Parker: (English) Meaning “keeper of the park,”

Radcliff: (English) It means “from the red cliff.”

Raiden: (Japanese) This boy’s name means “thunder and lightning.”

Philip: (Latin) This name means “lover of horses.”

Rowan: (Irish, Scottish) It means “little redhead,” also a tree species with red berries a great tree nature name.

Silas: (English) This name means “woods.”

Sky: (English) means “cloud” or “sky” as well.

Sylvan: (Latin) This boy name means “of the forest.

Terran: (Latin) This nature boy name means “from the earth.”

Weldon: (English) A boy name that means “hill near a spring.”

Sterling: (English) This nature boy name means “little star.”

Sylvan: (Latin) This boy name means “of the forest.”

Raine: (Scandinavian) Meaning “mighty,”

Reed: (English) Meaning the color “red”

Orion: (Greek) This name means “rising in the sky.”

Remington: (English) means “places on a riverbank.”

Lee: (English) This name means “dweller by the wood or clearing.” Seems appropriate for nature, right?