Gender reveal party ideas.
Congratulations! You’re expecting a new bundle of joy. Whether you’re new to the ‘hood (mamahood, that is!) or a mama pro, the baby’s gender and how you tell your family and friends is a big deal. Gender reveal parties are the latest, and trendiest, way to share the exciting news.
It’s also a great way FOR YOU to find out what you’re having, surrounded by friends and family.

Want to plan a gender reveal party? Here are some gender reveal party ideas to get the fun rolling.

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What’s a party without a theme? Themes set the atmosphere for your party, and get party-goers into the party mood.

1. Team Blue or Team Pink

This theme creates a competitive edge among your guests. Create two teams, Team Blue and Team Pink. As guests arrive, ask them to choose a team. Do they think you’re having a he or a she? You can have small badges or hats for people to wear when they arrive. For another variation, ask guests to wear the color of what they think the gender of the baby is.

2. ‘Staches or Lashes

Are you having a dude or dudette? A little mister or a little sister? A little man or little miss? Will they don little ‘staches or little lashes?

3. Guns or Roses

Like Rock ‘n’ Roll? This gender reveal party idea is great for the rocker in you. Decorations include plastic toy guns and beautiful pink roses and will get your guests rockin’ and rollin’.

4. Wheels or Heels / Hot Wheels or High Heels

For the dad who likes fast cars and the classy mom or the other way around, try this theme. Add Hot Wheels™ cars and tiny Barbie™ doll pumps for fast, fun décor ideas.

5. “Blue or Pink? What Do You Think?”

Here is another party idea that will get guests into the competitive spirit. Some will wear blue. Some will wear pink. It will be fun see what all your guests think.

6. Bun in the Oven

Grilled hamburgers are on the menu at a gender reveal BaBy Q. This theme creates outdoor fun and memories you will never forget.

7. He or She? Hershey’s Bars

Let Hershey’s help you out on the big day… buy a stack of bars and color the gender (either HE, or SHE). Then you’ll need to cover the bars and let all your guests open them at once.

The Big Reveal

Your guests have arrived, and your theme has them speculating about your baby’s gender. Is it a boy or a girl? How will you reveal it to them? Try one of these creative ideas.

1. Balloon Release

The most common of these gender reveal party ideas is to reveal the baby’s sex by releasing pink or blue balloons from a huge, decorated box. The balloon release is great to create photo ops and fun for adults and children alike – check out how to do it at Thinking Closet.

2. Gender Reveal Cake

Gender reveal cakes are twice as sweet, you get a yummy treat and sweet surprise when the cake is cut. Many purchase gender reveal cakes for their local bakeries, but they are easy enough to make. Here is a quick and easy recipe.

Alternatively… you can have cake pops instead! Check out the recipe from Sugar, Spice and Family Life.

3. Question Mark Piñata

Piñatas are, typically, filled with candy and used at kids’ parties. This gender reveal idea helps bring out the kid in the parents-to-be. Fill your piñata with pink or blue sugary goodness or confetti. Do-it-yourselfers will have fun with these easy-to-do instructions.

4. Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Cupcakes are just as telling as the gender reveal cake. With just one bite, your guests will know if you’re having a cupcake of your own or a stud muffin.

5. Magic Drink Mix

No party is complete without tasty drinks. Make your drinks a part of the excitement with a color changing drink mix. Just add water, and VOILA; your secret is out of the bag, literally.

6. Pull String Piñata

Make it rain with this gender reveal party idea. The pull string piñata is easy to build and makes a perfect setting for maternity photos.

7. Be a Kid

Silly string brings out the kid in the best of us. Your guests will get a kick out of revealing your baby’s gender with these decorated cans of silliness.

8. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs


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Here’s a little something for sports lovers. No matter the sport, these smoke bomb balls are tons of fun. Put on your favorite jerseys and turn your baby’s reveal into a sports game.


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9. Gender Reveal Confetti Box

The gender reveal confetti box is an added decoration filled with blue or pink balloons and fun, sparkly confetti. One pull of the string, and let the excitement begin!

10. Celebrity Style Gender Reveals

Some celebrities go above and beyond to share special news with their families, friends, and fans. Some prefer simple gestures, and others prefer do-it-yourself gender reveal ideas. Reveal like a rock star (or a movie star) with these ideas.

11. Gender Reveal Cookies

These adorable cookies from Tastes of Lizzie are perfect for a cute gender reveal! You can decorate the sugar cookies any way you like – so versatile!

12. Balloon Popping!

Personally, I like the idea that there’s only ONE way the ‘big moment’ is going to happen and it’s under the control of the parents-to-be… I can’t help but think of everything that could go wrong with the others where all the guests get a drink or a cake…

For another take on ‘balloon popping’ there’s a slightly macabre game involving darts and small balloons filled with a little bit of paint on pregnant lady silhouettes… you throw darts at the pregnant bellies and pop them. All except one are filled with white paint and the other is filled with pink or blue.

Create Your Own Variation

If you’re having one baby or two, these gender reveal party ideas can be personalized to fit your specific situation. Having twins? Create two boxes. Having twins of different genders? Make cupcakes with pink and blue centers. Whatever you’re having, make your gender reveal a memorable event. Have fun!