How to start your baby registry with Amazon.

Have you started your baby registry yet?

I know for some ladies, baby registries can seem a bit pushy and presumptuous – ‘buy me gifts, but make sure it’s this’ – but please, make one! Your family and friends won’t think like that. They’ll be glad you’ve told them what you want.

Look at it this way:

You know how crazy complicated and overwhelming buying stuff for a baby is. You’ve been thinking about it for your entire pregnancy. Researching the best strollers, high chairs, clothing, sleepsuits, cribs… you name it. You’ve checked the safety ratings and the reviews…

Make it easy on everyone else by letting them know what you want.

I mean, if you’ve decided you’re breastfeeding… wouldn’t you rather get a lovely breastfeeding cover than a set of newborn bottles?

If you’re determined to cloth diaper… wouldn’t you rather get a cloth swim diaper than a few boxes of disposable diapers?

If you want to go 100% organic cotton… wouldn’t you rather get a nice cotton swaddle rather than a synthetic plushy rug?

How to start your baby registry

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How to Choose Where To Set Up Your Baby Registry

The first thing you need to do is decide where you’re going to set up your registry. There are a few things to consider:

  1. How easy is it to set up?
  2. How wide is the choice and variety of products you can add?
  3. Can you add any products on the internet?
  4. How easy is it for guests to use?
  5. What about bonuses?

That’s why I choose Amazon’s Baby Registry service. It aces ALL those points.

  • it’s super simple to set up (you can get it done in 5 minutes flat)
  • the range of products you have access too is probably the largest in the world (over 270,000 baby items!)
  • you can also add anything from ANY site
  • it’s very easy for guests to use, just send them here and tell them to put your name and the baby’s arrival month and year
  • annnnnd… you get completion bonuses! You’ll get 10% off (or up to 15% if you’re an Amazon Prime member – go check that out here, you also get diaper discounts. Score!)

How to Set Up Your Amazon Baby Registry

I love me some step by step instructions, don’t you? Let’s go through this together!

  1. Hop on over to the Amazon Baby Registry Homepage.
  2. Click on Get (1)
  3. Fill out your details. (Make sure you set up your registry to be either public or shared so others can find it… or if it’s just for you make it private, you can always change the settings later!)baby-registry-ideas (3)
  4. Keeeeep going… baby-registry-ideas (2)
  5. Finally, click Create my Baby Registry. Now you’re all set up and ready to fill your registry with things!

Starting Your Registry

As soon as you arrive in your registry, you’ll notice that Amazon has ‘helpfully’ added a few things. Feel free to remove those if you’re not interested!

The next thing to do is have an explore around your registry.

Take a look at your Registry Checklist – Amazon has done some of the hard work for you by including a checklist of all the major item types most new moms need to stock up on. And they even include a selection of their top products right there! 

Here’s what it looks like:

Try clicking on shop Lists & Recommendations – Amazon has created lists of their top selling and top reviewed products to narrow down your search.

Check out the Offers and Benefits section to see what you get! (They change this up pretty often.)

The other sections will help you once you start getting gifts, or if you need to change the settings on your registry, or if you need to find a friend’s registry.

Go Forth and Fill That Registry!

Now it’s your turn to go through and choose the things you want for your little one.

Some quick advice from a mom that’s been there… don’t sweat the small stuff, but nail down the big stuff asap. Meaning, if you want a certain type of bassinet, put it on the list right now. Or if you want the best reviewed, safest car seat or baby monitor on offer, put it on the list (or just buy it yourself).

Things like clothes, bedding, toys, books… it’s nice to see people choose with their own taste.

Anyway, above all, have fun. Enjoy this time! It’s only a short while and it’ll be over before you know it ūüôā