Christmas gift ideas for guys with beards!

Does the man in your life have a beard? Or does grandad have one? This gift guide will help you find the best gift for guys with beards!

My little boy was fascinated by beards from about 6 months to 1 year. His daddy doesn’t have a beard… but Pop has one! Whenever my parents visited us, he loved it!

Anyway… on to the gifts!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys With Beards

A great tamer of the beard! This beard brush and comb set is pocket sized for grooming on the go.

The bearded men in your life will thank you!

(P.S. that’s real wild board hair in the brush… just sayin’)

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For the truly die-hard beardman… Grave Before Shave says it all.  With 100% wild board hair (what else?) in the brush this is the pack for serious beardmen.

Another great thing about the brush – this one’s got a handle, unlike some other brands.  Oh, and there’s lots of rave reviews about the scent too!

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Organic. Hand made. French. Wooden cigar box packaging. Beer soap. It's everything.

This kit includes everything a bearded dad or granddad could want or need for their beard. It’s pricey, but top-quality.

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Ok… so this one is more of a gag gift than an actual bonafide gift…

But it’s perfect for ugly sweater parties at the office, or looking festive while out Christmas shopping!

The man in your life will look ultra dashing and very festive with these beard ornaments, also known as ‘beardaments’.

Imagine showing up to a Christmas party wearing these! Instant attention-getter!

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If funny t-shirts are your thing, try this one - he'll love measuring his beard on the scale that goes from manly to godly.

Great value!

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This is the perfect Christmas gift for the bearded coffee drinker. It’s professionally painted so won’t wear off easily through washing and microwaving. The mug is also printed on both sides so that left-handers get all the benefits of using it too!

(Psst… there’s a picture of a beard on the bottom of the mug!)

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All natural and vegan friendly, this beard balm is great for beards! It helps to keep beards manageable and conditioned… solving the dreaded steel-wool effect and ‘beardruff’ for good!

Reports are this smells quite pleasant, slightly aniseedy.

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Got Your Bearded Guy Gifts Sorted?

Let me know in the comments! I hope these ideas helped you find the perfect gift for all the bearded men in your life.