Gifts for babies of gamers

Babies can be hard to buy for… but for the baby with gamer parents the perfect gift is so easy!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your own baby, or for a friend’s or family member’s baby, for Christmas, Thanksgiving or just because, gaming related gifts are never boring. Bonus points if you tie it in with the parents favorite fandom!

Get baby started on a love of games with these great gifts!

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Baby Gamer Accessories

Every kid needs a gaming system. While they might be a bit young for something real, these gift ideas are perfect for a baby.

Retro gamer? No problem. You definitely need this old-school NES controller silicone teether! Or maybe your baby is more of a Gameboy kinda kid?

For a gift that’ll last well past the baby years, you can even get a Nintendo Gameboy ice pack. Or a cute Nintendo Gameboy cushion.

Legend of Zelda Baby Stuff

Who doesn’t love Legend of Zelda? Show off your passion for this game with a Zelda bib with Cape (it even has a crumb catcher so, unlike other novelty bibs, it’s actually super practical as well as cute!) Or if you prefer silicone bibs (they wipe clean so easily), here’s a great one.

For something you’ll use for a while, try these washable Zelda sandwich bags.

Final Fantasy Baby Stuff

If Final Fantasy is your fandom, we should be friends, and you’ll definitely want to get a few of these gifts to share the love with your baby!

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved of the series and if it’s one of your faves, you’ll definitely need this gorgeous (handmade!) Vincent Valentine stroller toy! Or maybe this white on black Cloud Strife silhouette onesie? Or this Shinra bodysuit?

Or you can celebrate the whole Final Fantasy world with this sweet Cactuar, Chocobo, Moogle mobile that’ll look utterly adorable hanging above your baby’s crib or change table.

Speaking of Chocobos and Moogles… now your baby can have his or her very own with these cute little amigurumi’s (crocheted toys)! You can also grab a cute dribble bib to spread the moogle and chocobo love!

Want something practical instead? Here’s a cute cactuar lunch bag that’s perfect for taking baby on a picnic at the park. 

Want even more options? Check out these cute Final Fantasy baby clothes on Amazon:


Tetris Baby Stuff

What do all parents of kids in diapers need? A retro stylish Tetris diaper clutch, that’s what!

And baby definitely needs this warm woolly hat to remind you of your days playing Tetris on the Gameboy. This is also a really cute Tetris inspired bandanna bib.

Something for the girls? This retro chic Tetris hair bow is perfect! (pssst… you can easily convert a hair bow into a bow tie for the boys!)

If you want a gift that’ll last long past the baby days and still be memorable and relevant, try this Tetris growth chart

This Tetris Montessori style puzzle toy will definitely be the little retro gamers favorite! 

Space Invaders Baby Stuff

Here’s a cute onesie.

For the cloth diaper-er, you can’t go past this woollen soaker with cute space invaders trim. 

Burp cloths never go unused and these Space Invaders burp cloths will definitely be enjoyed by the Space Invaders fan. 

Baby Gamer Toys

What could be more appropriate than your baby’s first game controller?

Nursery Decorations

Share your love of Minecraft with this Minecraft banner for the nursery.

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