Gifts for Expectant Moms 

I remember my first pregnancy being full with uncertainty and confusion.

One thing that was very clear to me was that EVERYONE else had this pregnancy and baby thing totally sorted.

Only I could not manage to work out what I needed. I alone in the whole wide world could not figure this thing out.

Pregnancy really does heighten emotions, doesn’t it?!?

Anyway, I could see that there was a lot of special equipment I could get. And it all looked amazing and helpful.

What I really wanted to do was to go and buy all.the.things for me and for baby so I would be completely prepared for anything that could possibly happen.

Problem was having a husband who didn’t want me to buy anything unnecessary. He had been told by another older and wiser father at work that women go a bit crazy wanting to buy all the things that are on offer for pregnancy and new babies. Can’t imagine where the man had got that idea….

When I tried to tell my loving husband I really did need something, I would end up confessing I honestly didn’t have a clue and didn’t know if it would be any help! So I could never absolutely prove that I needed whatever it was I was talking about.

Perhaps I should not have been so honest. It was probably good in the long run for our relationship though!

When you are searching for a good gift for someone who is pregnant, it can be rather tricky. You may not have been pregnant yourself, or it was a while ago, or you just know that everyone is really different when it comes to what they experience during pregnancy!

To help you out, here is a gift guide of some things that can cover a number of different pregnancy-related issues, or just make the pregnant lady feel loved. Isn’t that what gift giving is all about?!?

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Books For Expectant Moms

I found I had to read lots to feel better about what was happening to me. There were so many places to read about what I needed to know. But when someone pointed me to a particular book it really did help!

I had friends and family who had children but somehow reading a book to feel like I had some idea first off was easier than going straight to them to ask… then I also didn’t feel so silly talking about something that was (sometimes) so personal.

So the classic book had to be on this list.


To be honest the next book was more useful to me personally and I referred to it as often as I referred to Dr Google… “What to expect the first year” helped me feel a little less crazy about whether my child was going to die because of my serious lack of parenting skills.


This book was a favorite for me:

I confess I am a bit of an organization geek… but I did this with both of my pregnancies and it really helped me feel more prepared. I did not follow it exactly. I did it in my own relaxed way. After all, I do believe in doing just enough to be organized and not more! But it was very good for my head both times.

Consider this the book for non-readers. The author is an illustrator by trade, so there are loads of pictures, but she happens to be a hilarious writer too. It is also written in a very Australian way, which probably makes me like it more, being biased!


And I haven’t read these books but I would have liked to, so I am adding them as possibilities for you.

And I had to include in this section a couple of the gorgeous journals to record the journey.


Check it out here!

Check it out here!


There are a lot of new mamas who would enjoy this set of stickers to announce to the world how big baby is getting.


Although it felt a little strange to me, it was actually really helpful to visualize how big baby was getting by comparing to vegetables!


Bags for Pregnant Women 

I love bags.

One of my favorite things about bags is that they always fit. I don’t have to try them on to know that they will fit.

This was even more true when I was pregnant and feeling like a beached whale that no clothing could make look elegant like all the other pregnant mamas out there. 

[Again, heightened emotions in pregnancy anyone??]

So my diaper bag took me a while to choose… and I ended up making my own.

But that is partly because I like a bag that travels with Baby and is not necessarily just for Mama. I made one that was very gender neutral so my husband could take it out too.

For a bag that really is just for Mama, these seem good choices. You could always get a different one for Dad to use – one for Mama and one for Daddy.

Click here to check it out!

Click here to check it out!

Click here to check it out! (I would like this bag now!)


Click here to check it out! (Cath’s fave!)



Clothes for the Mom to Be

Socks for Christmas… hmmmm… but these are not just any socks! If you suffer any of these issues, believe me, you will want these socks.

Check it out here!

Check it out here!

And these socks are just awesome. I need them to encourage my kids to rub my feet… when they can read 😉

The world is divided into those who like Star Wars and those who do not. This t-shirt is for the ones on the right side.


I would have loved one of these gowns for the hospital (so much more stylish than the hospital ones.):

Check it out here!


Check it out here!


And comfortable sleepwear is always a great gift, even if getting to sleep isn’t the easiest thing while pregnant. Bonus, these are perfect for nursing once baby has arrived too!

Check it out here!


Check it out here!


Check it out here!

Not clothes, but very useful! I made do with a pillow but it was not really enough support for my large tummy.


gifts-for-expectant-women (3)


Gift Boxes for First Time Mom’s To Be

If it is just a bit tricky to decide what the pregnant one may want, how about a gift box?

Bump boxes have gift boxes for each trimester, including the so-called 4th trimester when baby has made an appearance – clever!

Beautiful gift boxes

Gorgeous skincare items are always good gifts too for most women. But pregnancy can bring new issues with it, so one that is specially formulated makes sense.

Check it out here!


Check it out here!



Every pregnancy is quite different, sometimes even for the same woman. 

Finding gifts for unique individuals can be tricky at the best of times. And for some women pregnancy is not the best of times!

For some women it really is the best of times though.

This gift guide will give you enough good options to start with to celebrate the pregnancy, either way.

Enjoy finding the perfect gift!

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