Princess Gift Guide for 2018 – the best toys, crafts and gifts for girls who love princesses.

What is it about pink and princess-i-ness that makes so many little girls feel happy??

Maybe I’m getting too old to remember… or maybe I was never one of those princess girls.

I do remember that I was offended when people thought that my love of purple was girly or meant that I loved pink.

But mostly I was given books. And things to cook. And cookbooks… I get the same kinds of presents now, which still makes me very happy!

My daughter would be ok with getting books and cooking things if she also got a pink princessy apron to wear while she cooked. And maybe some fairy wings for good measure.

[I’ve heard that fairy wings make your cakes lighter and fluffier. Perhaps you could test that yourself? Feel free to share a photo of your fairy wings and cake with us all if you do ;)]

Pink is my daughter’s favorite color, alongside purple and gold and silver. These are the colors she considers right for girls.

When she forgets that she has to be girly, it is quite fun to watch her prefer orange and yellow! They are the perfect sunshiney colors for her personality. So maybe when she is a little older she will feel able to drop the pink!

Meanwhile, her brother is not ever allowed to choose the pink plate since it is not a “boy” color. Yes, he mostly does it to annoy her, if you are wondering.

Did you know that Victorian parents, however many years ago, actually dressed their boys in pink? It was considered a more manly color than blue. I can prove it.

Here is a quote from the Smithsonian: “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”


[Actually the article explains and is quite interesting if you want to read it!]

Times sure have changed.

If I dressed my daughter in any of her brother’s hand-me-downs when she was a baby, people would get confused as to whether she was a boy or a girl. They were only sure when she was decked out in pink.

Because pink is a girl color.


I should add here that I am in favor of kids expressing themselves completely.

My little sister had a tutu she wore when she used her toy machine gun, so I grew up with it. My son now frequently paints his nails bright colors, and likes to wear sparkly crowns.

I am not such a princessy person. But those who are should embrace their inner princess!

So for those of you who like to indulge the princess in your child, I have put together a gift guide for little princesses.

princess gift guide

Gift guide for little princesses

Craft type things


This “jackinthebox” princess kit is a craft one. Coz if you can make your own wand, cape and tiara then it will be more beautiful. It will also take you more time… win for the parents!


Along similar lines is this Disney princess necklace kit. As an added bonus, the necklaces can be remade over and over, so when your princess style changes, you can update your accessories.

While the princess does need to look the part, she also needs to act like a princess. Give her a stamp set to make her own cards and stationery sets to send out letters and thank you cards for the gifts she receives. Perfect!

Princess Themed Lego or Duplo

Lego or Duplo should be a staple in everyone’s house!


Belle’s tea party is a winner for the younger princesses. It has the basics for a good tea party and the princess of course.

If I am really being honest I am a little disappointed that they did not include Lumiere in the set. Don’t you think he made the (cartoon) movie?!?


Rapunzel’s tower is also a good example of movie merchandising done right. Simple things that hopefully get quite a few hours of play. They certainly did with my princess.


And for princesses who are a wee bit older there are sets like this Frozen Lego one. It has both Elsa and Anna and features things like a slide. What’s not to like??

Castles For All the Princesses

Every princess needs a castle right? She either lives there or is imprisoned there, sometimes doing the cleaning… we all relate to that! So here is a range of castle options to keep imagination flowing.

Check it out here!


Check it out here!



Check it out here!


Dress up

A true princess also needs her outfit. Here is a starter pack of the Disney princesses.



Check it out here!


Image Credit: OLODesigns

But if you would like something a bit more customized Etsy may be your friend. I love this take on the Disney princess dresses. Extra special feature? They twirl!

Check it out here!

And for the princess who needs less pink and more steel, there is this outfit:

Image Credit: ShellieBellietutus 

Check it out here!


To entertain guests in the tent, I mean, castle… the princess will need some games. Here are a few suggestions:

Disney princess card matching game

Check it out here!


Disney princess cupcake game

Check it out here!


I love these gorgeous alphabet flash cards from 1stImpressionInvites!

Image Credit: 1stImpressionInvites


Ariel dress up magnet set

Check it out here!

Felt nonpaper doll

Image Credit: WondersofFelt. Click here to check it out!


Image Credit: MMEmbroideredGifts. Click here to check it out!

Image Credit: AHeartlyCraft. Click here to check it out!


Princess finger puppets

Image Credit: ThatsSewPersonal. Click here to check it out!

Maybe because I really was not such a princess type kid growing up, I wanted to include this listing as well. Custom made princess dolls.

Image Credit: flightydollies. Check it out here!

I would have been more inclined to want Princess Leia as a kid, but Mulan or Pocahontas would have been good too. If you have a child who needs to bridge the gap between princess and warrior, you may find the perfect doll right here.

Honestly, these are just a starting point for the amazing variety of princess paraphernalia that is out there. But that is the reason for giving you a starting point – so that it is a little easier and wastes less time while you find the perfect gift for your little princess this year.

Happy searching!

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