Planning a baby shower.

Baby showers can be great fun for everyone.

It’s a lovely way to celebrate a new baby and your friend’s impending change in status from woman to mom.

But, before you throw a baby shower, there are a few things you need to do first.

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1. Decide what type of baby shower to hold

Many pregnant moms-to-be will expect a baby shower… especially if it’s a bit of a tradition in the family.

But… if you’re a work colleague or friend, you might want to hold a surprise shower!

Surprise showers can be really touching and show your friend that you care enough to throw her a shower.

Other types of baby shower you might want to have include:

  • co-ed, where partners are invited along. Often known as a ‘Baby-Q’ (BBQ).
  • Themed shower – where the decor, food, and games all follow along a theme. (Best with the mom-to-be’s input – you’d hate to throw a woodland themed shower only to discover that your friend hates it.)
  • Family only or friends only shower.

2. Making the Guest List

Guest lists can be really difficult.

Some guests will feel obligated to attend if you invite them even if they’d rather not.

Depending on the type of shower you’re holding (family/friends) you might need to tread carefully. Is there anyone who’d be upset if they weren’t invited? The easiest way to handle this is to ask the mom-to-be who she wants at her shower and go with that.

3. What About Games?

Ok… most people, myself included groan about playing baby shower games… but they can actually be really fun! They don’t have to be weird or gross or out of your guest’s comfort zone. Make sure you have some cool prizes!

Here are some quick ideas for you:

Guess the nursery rhyme– Give each guest a sheet of nursery rhymes and have them guess the nursery rhyme or finish it. This will help everyone remember them and see who reads those bedtime stories.

Memory– Using a plastic tin of some sort place a bunch of baby items in it such as, bib, thermometer, baby spoon, diaper rash crème, etc. Anything you’d use on a baby. Let each guest get a chance to look in the bin for a few seconds and take it away. Once everyone is finished have them write down everything that was in the box. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Baby Food Tasting – Have a variety of baby food in jars, take off the outside wrapper and place a number at the bottom of the jar, on a separate piece of paper write the name of each jar. Each guest is dished out a spoonful of baby food to try. Have them write down what they think each one is. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize.

There are so many more games you could play!

4. Make it Memorable

One of the nicest things that we did at my baby shower was have everyone fill out a questionnaire about the baby – you can include things like:

  • what’s the baby’s name going to be?
  • what stats will he or she have at birth (height, weight, eye color, hair color)
  • what time will he or she be born?
  • will baby be a mommy or daddy’s boy or girl?
  • what occupation will they have?
  • will they wear glasses?

I still have those answer sheets hidden away in my baby book to look back on in the future and see who was right!

5. Sort Out the Gift Registry

Talk to the mom-to-be about her gift registry. Is she going to have one? If there are any big ticket items she has her eye on, several guests might be interested in pitching in together to get it for her.

Having a gift registry is so helpful. It lets the mom-to-be choose what she needs and wants and allows the guests to get things based on that. It’s much better to get a gift that you really want, rather than something you don’t. Or have too much of.

Another alternative your friend might want to consider is having a diaper-only shower. Babies go through thousands of diapers and (if your friend has the storage space), she might like to have her diaper needs sorted for the next year, rather than gifts that might not be to her taste.

6. Have Fun!

If you’re planning a baby shower you’re obviously very close to the mom-to-be and have a special place in her life. Which means her impending new arrival is a big deal for you too! Make sure you enjoy your time with her in her pregnancy and planning this shower. And who knows? Maybe she’ll be planning yours someday.