Why Start a Baby Registry.

Are you on the fence about starting your baby registry?

Maybe it’s too early.

Or you’re thinking the only people who “register” for gifts are young couples from upper class families.  You know the ones… driving matching BMWs, and playing tennis each Sunday with other members of their very exclusive country clubs.  They register at Neiman Marcus or Sak’s Fifth Avenue.


Those days are long gone. Now anyone can register at their nearest Target store, or online at Amazon (even easier!)

But why register at all? Why not just let family and friends buy whatever they like and enjoy it?
Well, here are 5 compelling reasons you should definitely register for your baby!
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1. You won’t have to make as many returns

If the idea of returning 5 blenders to 5 different stores after returning from your fabulous honeymoon sounds… awful… imagine returning 5 different bouncers to 5 different stores while 8 months pregnant (or after birth) while experiencing swollen ankles and the urge to run to the ladies room every five minutes… not to mention if you end up suffering from pelvic girdle pain like I did.

Making a registry is protective against that. You’re much less likely to wind up with multiples of the same item. Ok, you might still have an aunt or cousin that ‘goes rogue’ and gets whatever they feel like… but it’s no big deal to return one or two things.

2. You Can Register Online (and Your Friends and Family Can Shop Online Too)

Practically every store that sells baby clothing and baby related items offers a baby registry today.  You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home since nearly almost all of them allow you to register online.

Also, the biggest players, like Amazon allow you to add items from ANY retailer to your list. It doesn’t even need to be something they sell.

So, it’s super convenient for you to create the registry in your down time. And it’s also highly convenient for your friends and family as well – they don’t need to go into the store, they can shop online. It’s so much faster and easier. If your family or friends are travelling to the event or won’t be able to attend, they can purchase online and have the gift posted so they don’t have to worry about carrying it with them!


3. A Registry Gives You A Place to Store Your Ideas Of What You Want

Even if you don’t intend to share a register with your friends and family, you can use one to store ideas of what you want.

I know what a big deal it is finding ‘the one’ brand of whatever it is you’re looking for. When you find the perfect stroller or the perfect bassinet, don’t lose it or forget it! Add it to your register!

Then when you want to purchase those things…

4. You Get Bonuses, Discounts, and Other Perks from Having a Registry

Most baby registers offer a completion discount that enables you to get a percentage off your purchase if you get everything on your list (and it’s a certain dollar value).

You also might find you get various freebies, sample boxes and goodies.

The Amazon Baby Registry is pretty cool – you can register for a Prime membership and get discounted diapers from Amazon Family!

5. It’s So Much Easier When Someone Asks You What You Want

If you’re a first time mom, you’re probably in one of two camps when someone asks you what you want for your baby:

  1. You know exactly what you want down to the brand of just about everything. OR
  2. You know a few things you want and don’t really care too much what you get for the rest.

Either way, you’ll benefit from having a register.

You can give them the details of your register and boom! Easy.

It’s also waaay easier for them. If given a choice, I’d rather get someone a gift that they want and will use rather than make a guess… and they hate it!

6. It Helps You Identify Any Gaps You Need to Fill

Listing out everything you want helps you see what you’re missing (if anything).

After your baby shower you can buy out the rest of what you need.

7. Your friends and family can easily team up to cover larger purchases

Don’t feel embarrassed about registering for more expensive items. In fact, it’s important to have a wide variety of price options so people can get what they want that’s within their means.

Some of your guests will likely love the chance to go in together on a larger purchase! It helps everyone’s money go that little bit further and means you get the big ticket items you need.


A baby registry is a great idea that helps everyone. You get a place to organize your ideas, cool discounts and the gifts that you want and need. Your family gets to shop online or in person knowing exactly what you want (so they’ll know their gift is adored!). Win win!

You can get started with your baby register right now! And it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to start.