Best Halloween books for toddlers and babies.

If it’s your first few Halloween’s with your toddler (or baby) you might be looking for ways to introduce the holiday before the big day to get your little one ready for what to expect. Halloween is a fun holiday but, let’s face it, it’s supposed to be scary (in a good way).

Scary = fun is a delicate balance when it comes to the littlest members of the family, but it’s not impossible to get there! After all, peekaboo is almost every kids favorite game at one point.

One of the best ways to introduce Halloween traditions to your baby or toddler is to read books together about the holiday. There are literally dozens of books for babies and toddlers about Halloween – you can pick up a handful from Amazon right now and start preparing your child early!

Here are the best Halloween board books for toddlers and babies:

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10 Best Halloween Picture Books

1. Spooky, Spooky, Little Bat

This super cute finger puppet book includes a Halloween themed rhyme to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. With witches and bats and pumpkins, it’s perfect for Halloween and the interactive finger puppet element is so much fun!

2. Hoot Howl Halloween

This book is perfect for toddlers who might get bored – it has sound effect buttons complete with spooky Halloween noises! Your toddler will love pressing the buttons on cue (or just pressing the buttons whenever too.)

3. Goodnight Goon

Who doesn’t love a good parody? This is Goodnight Moon re-imagined with a decidedly Halloween flavor.

It’s a hilariously funny romp of a read! You can’t miss this one (especially if you love Goodnight Moon in your house.)

4. Boo! Peek-a-Flap Board Book

This is an excellent first Halloween book to explore with your toddler. Halloween traditions abound with flaps to lift and reveal new scenes.

Each page will give you plenty to discuss with your little one about how you celebrate Halloween.

5. Vampire Bite

Share the fun of dressing up in costume with your toddler with this funny and interactive book about a boy and his vampire costume. Your toddler will have stacks of fun pulling the tabs to move the vampire teeth!

6. Trick or Treat, Pout-Pout Fish

Welcome to the world of Pout-Pout Fish, he’s gone trick or treating all dressed up in costume.

7. Baby Touch and Feel: Halloween

This is an excellent book for the younger toddler who loves sensory stuff! It introduces some Halloween basics with touch and feel elements within the artwork.

Your little one will love to spend time with the book touching and feeling the inserts. My little boy regularly sits down with his touch and feel books and its so cute to watch him running his fingers over the different textures.

8. The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin

A cute and sweet Halloween take on the classic nursery rhyme – toddlers will love the funny, yet slightly spooky Halloween references.

9. Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin

This adorable fall themed book is perfect to read right before Halloween. Duck and Goose are the best of friends and go looking for a pumpkin. Will they find one?

10. Mini House – the Haunted House

Part toy, part book – all fun! This book is amazing. You can hold it in your hands, peek through the windows and then open the door and discover the story!

More Great Halloween Books for Kindergarten

Why You Should Start Reading Halloween Books for Preschoolers Now

It might not be Christmas, but Halloween is still a pretty exciting holiday on your calendar. Especially for kids! All that candy!

You can help your toddler get into the holiday spirit by reading books together to build anticipation – you could also get your toddler to help decorate the house, watch you carve a pumpkin and do Halloween crafts together.

4 Benefits of Reading Halloween Books With Your Toddler

Reading is such a great activity to do with your baby or toddler – whether you read during the day, or before bed – it’s so good for you and them to spend time together with a book.

Reading Halloween books together is great because:

  • it introduces the concepts of Halloween in a safe and fun way at home before experiencing it.
  • your toddler will learn about Halloween traditions like trick or treating, getting dressed up, and will know what to expect.
  • it helps build anticipation and excitement around the holiday.
  • it starts a great tradition of reading, learning and planning for the holiday with family.

Types of Halloween Books

There are many different types of Halloween books to choose from:

  • fall themed books involving lots of pumpkins
  • ‘spooky’ books with ghosts and monsters
  • books about getting dressed up in Halloween costumes
  • finger puppet books (these are my favorite!)
  • touch and feel books
  • lift the flap books
  • favorite character books – like Paw Patrol, or Daniel Tiger (perfect if your little one is a fan)

What to Look for in a Halloween Book for Your Toddler

You know your toddler best! So, pick something you think will appeal to them that also matches your personal take on Halloween:

  • if your toddler loves a certain TV character, they’ll love reading about their favorite character doing Halloween!
  • does your toddler love interactive books? Mine does! He adores anything with finger puppets and touch and feel books.
  • do you plan to go trick or treating this year? A book about it would be a great way to show your toddler what to expect.

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