Nature Baby Girl Names – 60+ nature inspired names for your baby girl.

Expecting a girl and want to have a nature inspired name?

Names inspired by nature can often remind you of your favorite season, flower, tree, stone or spice. It is a way to pay tribute to all the goodness that will surround your new baby’s life. Nature names can be whimsical, unique and utterly beautiful on a newborn baby girl.

Here is our list of top favorite picks:

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Amber (English): A hue of yellow.

Aurora (Latin) – meaning Dawn

Ash (English): Inspired by the ash tree and fire embers.

Aspen (English): A type of tree known to grow even in the winter.

Autumn (English): A season in the fall commonly known as a time of harvest.

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Blossom (English): A young flower.

Brooke (English): A small stream.

Clementine (Latin): A bright fruit meaning merciful.

Coral (Latin): A semi-precious growth found in the sea.

Crystal (Greek): Name meaning clear and ice.

Daisy (English): This flower means eye of the day.

Dakota (Native American): The name means a friendly companion or ally.

Dawn (English): The morning daybreak inspired this name.

Diamond (English): A name meaning of high value.

Ember (English): The name comes from a small spark or low burning fire.

Emerald (Spanish): A green gemstone that is the birthstone of May.

Falcon (Spanish): A fast and powerful bird of prey.

Fawn (French): A young deer commonly seen as a new birth.

Fern (Old English): A hardy green plant that thrives even in the shade.

Ginger (Latin): A common spice known to give pep and liveliness.

Glenn (Scottish): A small valley.

Hazel (English): Derived from the hazelnut tree.

Heather (English): Named after the heather plant that is a small shrub with pink or white flowers.

Holly (English): A type of tree or bush.

Honey (English): The sweet nectar from bees.

Iris (Greek): A name meaning rainbow and multicolored.

Isla (Scottish) – meaning of the river Islay.

Ivy (English): A climbing plant that is commonly known as a symbol of faithfulness.

Jade (English): A green shaded precious gemstone.

Jasmine (English): A sweet scented flower, the name commonly means one of God’s gifts.

Lilac (Greek): Derived from the flowering pale purple shrub.

Luna (Latin) – meaning moon.

Lily – (Latin) – meaning pure. The lily flower symbolises purity and innocence.

Magnolia (Latin): The magnolia is often a symbol of nobility, love and sweetness.

Meadow (English): Name derived from a field of grass or vegetation.

Myrtle (Latin): A plant regarded as sacred to Venus.

Nova (Latin) – meaning new.

Olive (English): Olive branches are commonly known as a sign of peace.

Olivia (Latin) – meaning Olive tree.

Opal (Hebrew): The birthstone of October commonly means gem or precious one.

Pearl (Latin): The off-white birthstone of June is associated with innocence and modesty.

Poppy (Latin): Latin word meaning the milk of happiness.

Primrose (English): The first rose of the bush.

Raven (English): A strong and powerful bird.

Reed (English): Derived from the word Old English word “read” meaning red.

Robin (French): Named for a bird that is known for its shining fame.

Rose (German): The name of the popular flower the symbolizes love and beauty.

Rosemary (Latin): The name is commonly associated with the herb.

Rowan (Gaelic) – meaning little red-head

Ruby (English): The deep red birthstone of July.

Sage (English): A common herb plant.

Sahara (Arabic): A desert land.

Sapphire (Hebrew): The birthstone of September commonly represents holiness and faith.

Savannah (Spanish): Tropical grasslands that don’t have trees.

Sequoia (Native American): A giant tree that is known for its strength and stature.

Sienna (Latin): The name means delicate or reddish orange in color.

Sierra (Spanish): This name derives from the meaning saw.

Sky (English): The name commonly means loftiness and shining over heaven.

Spring (English): Named for the season that is associated with rebirth.

Stella (Latin): Name meaning the celestial star.

Storm (English): The name congers up thoughts of distress and violent weather.

Summer (English): The warmest season of the year.

Sunshine (English): Name meaning happy, cheerful and well-tempered.

Violet (English): The name of a flower its meaning is love, virtue and faithfulness.

Willow (English): Nearly 400 species of trees and shrubs are categorized as willows.

Wren (English): A small songbird.

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