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Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Olds [2021 Gift Guide]

Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Olds – The Best Toys to Inspire Outdoor Play!

Kids love playing outside in the lap of nature. The best outdoor toys are ones that help them develop their motor abilities as well as social and emotional skills.

Playing outside can bring about positive behavioral changes in kids (it even works for adults too!) Attractive and beautiful outdoor toys not only keep kids engaged for long hours but also provide them with various learning opportunities. Kids learn new concepts, new words through their numerous sensory experiences.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor toys that are suitable for one year olds, here are our top picks!

Note: this blog post probably contains affiliate links, which means we may receive small commissions from purchases made through links in this post (at NO extra cost to you). You can read our full disclosure for more information.

Our Top 5 Favorite Outdoor Toys for One Year Olds

3-IN-1 POP-UP TENT WITH TUNNEL – fun for crawlers as well!

Spill and Splash Dual Level Water Table With Umbrella – perfect for toddlers or young ones who can pull up


AUTOMATIC BUBBLE MACHINE – play time is always more fun with bubbles

Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Play Structure for Kids – very versatile for physical fun!

The Best Outdoor Toys for One Year Olds


This bubble mower is a great outdoor toy to keep your little one engaged for hours. While producing beautiful bubbles, it also produces realistic sounds. Your little one may love this light-weighted bubble mower so much you’ll want to take it with you and let your child play with bubbles wherever he goes.


  • sturdy and well made quality plastic
  • realistic sounds
  • easy to refill with bubble solution
  • no batteries required!


  • bubble solution can spill over as no covering
  • requires steady pressure to move the rear wheels
  • you’ll need a steady supply of bubble solution as kids love this toy!

Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With Me Swing

This cute little swing comes with a strong T-bar and firm, adjustable shoulder straps that hold your little one securely. The hinged T-bar gradually rotates down so that your tiny-tot can easily sit or get off from the swing. It can be used as a swing for both a baby and a toddler – so it’ll last a good few years!


  • easy to use and install
  • strong safety features
  • sturdy and well-built


  • the ropes are very short – you may need to purchase lengths of chain to adjust the fit
  • no back up straps

Kids Fire Truck Pop Up Tent

This fire truck tent provides a fun area for kids to play! It is the perfect place for imaginative play, alone or with siblings or friends. It is easy to clean and folds up small when not in use!


  • pops up easily and folds back up small
  • easy to clean
  • great for imaginative pretend play


  • some parents found the durability a little lacking


This colorful 3-in-1 tunnel is one of the best outdoor toys that you can gift your little human. It is made up of high-quality polyester with mesh panels for ventilation – it is both durable and easy to keep clean. The product includes a square tent-house, a teepee house, and a tunnel. You can carry it wherever you go and set it up in just a few minutes.

You can even use the 3 items separately (perfect for going on holidays with little space to pack toys). Everything folds up small.

Use this toy with some ball pit balls for even more fun!


  • durable construction
  • easy to set up and fold away
  • mesh panels for good ventilation
  • excellent toy for promoting imaginative play and physical activity


  • metal frame can lose it’s shape with regular usage
  • the tunnel tends to topple over.
  • if the metal frame wears through the polyester covering, it becomes a hazard


This adorable toddler slide is just perfect for a little one year old’s first slide! First of all, it is incredibly cute with that sweet little elephant design. Secondly, it’s obvious they’ve paid a lot of attention to safety details with easy to climb steps that are closed in so it’s much harder for your little one to fall off.

The slide can be used indoors or outdoors (though keep in mind, it’s pretty long and may be a bit of a trip hazard inside.)

My one year old would love this slide! It helps little one’s develop confidence, test their physical abilities and learn how to manage stairs and slides – all important skills they’ll need as they grow.


  • made of environmentally friendly high-quality materials
  • easy installation
  • easy to keep clean
  • designed with safety in mind


  • some parents felt the plastic materials were a little flimsy

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

This 2-in1 basketball hoop/soccer centre comes equipped with an LED scoreboard, shaped buttons, numbers and more! The scoreboard counts up to 10 baskets and is programmed with 50+ songs.

The buttons and music make this toy fun, even for one year olds who aren’t yet walking. And when they are, they’ll love practicing their throwing and kicking abilities with the encouragement of the toy.


  • helps improve your child’s motor skills
  • teaches shapes, numbers and colors
  • songs keep your little one interested and engaged


  • the height of the basketball hoop is very low – so may not be much fun for older/taller toddlers
  • parents note that it is smaller than they expected – so make sure to get comfortable with the product dimensions before purchasing!


Show me a kid who doesn’t love water play 😉

Show me a kid who doesn’t love water play 😉

This water table is an excellent toy for keeping your one year old engaged for a long time – and it’s perfect for summer! The umbrella provides some shade (however, sun safety is still a good idea as the coverage isn’t that great.)

It’s quite a large table, so it’s perfect for playing with friends or siblings. The water table also comes with fun accessories to make play even more engaging and fun – there’s a diving board, divers and other fun toys your little one will love to play with.


  • included toys help your little one develop hand-eye coordination (plus learn about cause and effect!)
  • water play is always fun and engaging – this table is a great height for toddlers
  • unique two tier design which makes the table large enough for use by several children at a time


  • can be tricky to assemble
  • small parts can be a choking hazard – remove these from play or only use under strict supervision


Does your little one watch you in the garden? Now our little one can be just like you with a gardening tool set and wagon of their very own!

Does your little one watch you in the garden? Now our little one can be just like you with a gardening tool set and wagon of their very own!

This tool set comes with 8 different tools including rakes, shovel, trowel and more. it also includes water pail, flower pots, water spray bottle and the wagon to keep the tools in.

Your child will love these toys as a set and separately! You’ll probably need to set aside an area of the garden for your little one to dig and ‘garden’ to their heart’s content. These toys are also perfectly suitable for sandpits or the beach.


  • BPA free
  • portable and lightweight
  • lots of different pieces for a variety of play ideas
  • great for imaginative play
  • the wagon will be useful for towing about any toys your little one wants to tow


  • recommended for ages 3 and up due to small parts – supervised play and discretion advised.
  • parents found that these toys were somewhat flimsy and easily broken by a stronger or older child

Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center

This outdoor toy is perfectly designed to transform your backyard into a dinosaur island. Accessories include 6 colorful balls to play with. The volcano slide and the spray waterfall introduce kids to natural concepts in a playful manner.

The pool is nice and shallow (but deep enough to enjoy) with a capacity of 57 gallons. It includes a sprayer for even more fun… and also comes with a repair patch so you can make minor fixes if it becomes punctured.


  • not too deep for little ones
  • inflatable, so everything is soft – no hard edges to worry about
  • can control the water with the valve


  • takes some work to inflate with multiple areas that need to be inflated separately
  • some owners have had issues with durability of the material used


Who doesn’t love bubbles? One year olds, in particular, LOVE bubbles. You’ll know it because they just can’t get enough and will have you blowing bubbles for them until you’re blue in the face… that’s why you NEED a bubble machine. It’ll blow the bubbles faster and better than you ever could (so you can save your breath and enjoy the bubbles too.)

This automatic bubble machine is super cute and has the bubbles come out of the dolphin’s mouth. It is super kid-friendly with a powerful motor that is pretty quiet and can blow 500 bubbles per minute.

While the age limit on this bubble machine is for 3+, there is literally no need for a child to touch the machine. We put ours up high on a shelf and this is better anyway as the bubbles tend to fall from the height and go everywhere.


  • kid-friendly super cute design
  • powerful motor that is quiet
  • flat supportive base so it won’t tip
  • simple to operate


  • you’ll chew through bubble solution incredibly fast, it is also difficult to save leftover bubble solution

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

This is an amazingly designed toy that is the perfect companion for your little one’s outdoor activities. The colorful accessory set includes ramps, water wheels, and buckets to play with.

Your child will remain engaged for hours exploring different combinations and designs of the wall. It’s also double sided so it’s easy to share play with a friend or a sibling.

This toy helps teach cause and effect and concepts like gravity and water flow with interchangeable water wheels to change the waterfall’s direction.


  • easy to install and start to play
  • durable and light weight
  • very engaging toy


  • small pieces may be choking hazards, so supervision is essential
  • some parents found that the accessories don’t always work as intended


Your kid will love to bounce and play with this fun trampoline. It is lightweight and can be easily carried. The cute tortoise design introduces him or her to the world of animals.

This is a great first trampoline and your toddler will love working his or her muscles bouncing while holding the easy grip handle for support.


  • durable and excellent at bouncing
  • helps develop physical strength and balance
  • parts detach for easy storage


  • some parents found that the bounce area frayed easily
  • supervision is required

Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on The Bus Climber and Slide 

This unique slide and climber with a musical dashboard makes a great gift for your one year old. In the shape of a cute Little Baby Bum bus, your little one will adore climbing inside and playing bus driver before sliding down the gentle slope of the slide at the rear of the vehicle.


  • durable, sturdy and water-resistant design
  • gently sloped slide meaning it is safer for one year olds
  • interactive dashboard with horn, gear shifter and ignition plus music


  • you may find it difficult to assemble

ROLENUNE Children Slide Climber and Swing Set 3 in 1 Kids Playset

This swing set provides three functions – sliding, swinging, and climbing. The product looks extremely elegant and offers a fun-filled experience as your child slides along the gentle slope and climbs up the ladder easily. The basketball hoop can also be positioned where you see fit (or removed entirely).

All parts of this swing set are smooth and rounded for your little one’s safety.


  • safer rounded edges
  • extended tail of the slide helps to protect spines and little bottoms from a hard landing
  • durable design
  • easily assembled


  • relatively pricey given that your child will outgrow it in a few short years

Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Play Structure for Kids

This brightly colored caterpillar is all set to introduce your tiny human to the world of colors. You can place it in your backyard or playroom and enjoy peek-a-boo sessions with the little one. The rounded design enhances motor development as your child climbs, crawls, and moves through the tunnel.

This toy is perfect for growing with your child as your one year old will probably spend most time crawling and playing in the tunnel. As your child grows older they’ll start to climb the caterpillar and get even more fun out of this toy.

The design is very child-friendly with lots of space for crawling and climbing.


  • made from quality materials
  • easy to assemble
  • fun toy that your child can use in different ways as they grow
  • perfect for multiple kids to play at once


  • caterpillar feet fall off when moved
  • some owners found that children can easily remove the plastic screws

WISHTIME Kids Sand and Water Table

A sand and water table is a classic toy for young kids and is perfect for a one year old. Your little one will enjoy the sensory play opportunities awarded by this table. Use it with sand and/or water or let your creativity wander – you can use this table for sensory play by filling with any sort of thing you can imagine: ice, cotton wool, old cereal, dirt or even jelly! The sky’s the limit!

This table is lightweight, so you can easily move it where you need it. And it comes with an assortment of 15 tools including spinner, shovel, rake and more. The waterproof lid also means you can fill with sand and put away for another day without worrying about rain and insects.


  • lightweight and portable
  • waterproof lid to keep sand dry and clean
  • eco-friendly, phthalate-free material
  • huge assortment of tools to use with the table
  • can be used on the floor without the legs for non-walkers


  • it is very small and quite short, make sure to check the dimensions before purchasing so you know what you’re getting


This classic table with a colorful umbrella for kids is ideal for playing, eating, and art activities. It is made up of good quality and durable polypropylene plastic. Your child will love climbing on this table and sitting like a big kid.

It features a multicolored striped umbrella for sun protection and is quite light weight.


  • light-weight yet still sturdy
  • easy to assemble


  • umbrella doesn’t provide a lot of shade

Why You Need Outdoor Toys for Your One Year Old

Outdoor toys are essential for kids’ proper growth and development. When kids play outdoors, they get fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun and develop an appreciation for nature.

Outdoor toys help them develop their motor abilities, social skills, and their cognition too. They learn about natural and scientific concepts. By interacting with their peers, they learn new words too and about social concepts and cooperation. As a result of handling and operating different outdoor toys, kids also develop a sense of touch along with the other sensory experiences.

Kids love to be outdoors and outdoor toys are a great fun way to play outside!


PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Good and effective outdoor toys help in developing gross and fine motor skills in your child. While playing with an outdoor toy, your child develops spatial awareness as well as balancing abilities. Activity toys can help muscle strength, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Exposure to sunlight and fresh air improves your child’s moods and can even strengthen his immune system. While playing outside, children can explore and enjoy nature!

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: As a result of playing outside with outdoor toys, your kid will make new friends and play together with them. Through various games and activities, their communicative skills will develop and they will also learn to share their toys with their friends. Gradually you will see your kid becoming more participative and co-operative.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: Attractive and educational outdoor toys introduce kids to the world of numbers, alphabets, shapes, sizes, colors, and more. The concentration levels and attention span of kids improve. They develop good problem-solving abilities. With effective and engaging toys, their imaginative and creative faculties also get a challenge and a work out!

DEVELOPING LIFE-SKILLS: Playing with outdoor toys allows kids to have controlled freedom. They feel comfortable when they are let to play by themselves under limited supervision from your side. They enjoy exploring their environment and become curious about different things. They push their limitations and if in the course of their play, they face a particular obstacle, they try hard to tackle it on their own. They start becoming self-reliant and independent.

DEVELOP AN INQUISITIVE MIND: The best outdoor toys for 1 year olds help to develop practical and logical thinking in your kid. They start exploring their surroundings and acquiring new information about a variety of things.


  • USABILITY: The outdoor toy that you choose for your little one should be appropriate to his or her age and physical ability. Your child will enjoy playing with the toy more when he or she is developmentally able to master the toy.
  • SAFETY: The most important factor when choosing a toy for your one year old is safety. Always examine your child’s toys (or potential toys) for small parts that may become choking hazards – it is best to avoid these toys, or remove those dangerous parts before allowing your child to use the toy (many small parts are simply accessories and don’t affect the function of the toy as a whole.) While buying outdoor toys, make sure that they are painted with non-toxic materials and made up of high-quality plastic that won’t deteriorate quickly in the sun.
  • DURABILITY: You want your child to enjoy their toys for a long time so aim to buy quality, durable toys that can withstand anything your child can throw at it. It’s also a great idea to choose toys that your child can use for many years to get the most value for money.
  • STIMULATING: The best outdoor toys for 1 year old are the ones that stimulate your little one’s senses and helps him in acquiring new skills. Toys should help in the physical, social, and cognitive development of your child.
  • SIMPLICITY: Simple is often best when it comes to outdoor toys – this allows your child’s imagination to take over and for him or her to use the same toy in different ways.


Your one year old will love getting out into the backyard to play with these outdoor toys. Outdoor play has loads of benefits and it’s made even more fun with the right toys.

You can’t go past a classic sand and water table for sensory play, and a slide is always super fun! A swing is also a great option.

Whichever toys you decide to get, your little one will love playing with it!

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