Dinosaur Baby Toys and Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Did you have a childhood love of dinosaurs? My favorite was always the triceratops… though shh, don’t tell my 4 year old.

He thinks I like stegosaurus.

Whether you’ve got an older child already nuts about dinos or if you just want to get in early and foster a love of dinosaurs in your baby, there are so many awesome gifts you can choose from.

I had so much fun this year shopping for a gift ‘from’ my 4 year old to his little brother (5 months at Christmas time). We bought him this. And since I found so many amazing dinosaur stuff, I also secretly picked up this for big brother from the little one.

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Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Newborns

Just because newborns can’t show their love of dinosaurs (yet) doesn’t mean you can’t get them started early. Some cool dinosaur themed gifts perfect for newborns include – teethers, comfort blankets, and rattles.

Babies start to get interested in toys around 3 months, which is a great time to introduce a comfort blanket. This one has a cute, bright dinosaur print and is edged with tags (a great sensory play item).

A special teether is another great gift idea for a newborn – while they won’t be teething just yet, babies start to cut their first teeth around 4 months (so it won’t be long before your gift is needed). Whether you like silicone teethers better (easier to sterilise) or natural wood, there’s a teether for everyone. There’s even teethers that come with a paci-strap so they don’t get lost on the go. 

You can’t go past a rattle as the best gift for a 2-3 month old baby – this one is super cute and colorful! It also doubles as a teether.

My short list of great dinosaur gifts for newborns:

Dinosaur Gifts for Babies

Soft toys are an easy gift for babies! My favorite picks are this triceratops toy and these felt dinosaur toys.

I also love these wooden dinosaurs (I bought them for my little one for Christmas.) And this gorgeous little dinosaur puzzle – it’s perfect for baby’s first jigsaw puzzle. 

A busy board is the perfect gift for an older baby to practice their fine motor skills. This one is dino themed with a zip, button and more to help little fingers learn. 

If your baby is ready to experiment with coloring in, these dinosaur crayons are big enough to hold in a small fist and get scribbling! (This one’s for older babies – make sure you keep watch so they don’t eat the crayons!)

My top picks of great dinosaur gifts for babies:

Dinosaur Gifts for Toddlers

A busy book is an excellent gift for a toddler – especially if you’re in need of quiet time! This one is a great gift idea for a dinosaur obsessed little one. It’ll keep them entertained for hours and learning essential skills at the same time.

Temporary tattoos make an excellent stocking stuffer! These dinosaur ones are perfect for the dinosaur loving toddler.

Dinosaur egg bath bombs are super fun for kids to use and get excited about what dinosaur their egg holds. This would also make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for a friend.

My favorite dinosaur gift ideas for toddlers:

Dinosaur Gifts for Pre-Schoolers

If you’re ready to start teaching your pre-schooler about money, one of these impressive dinosaur themed money boxes would be the perfect way to get them started as a saver!

Want to play some games with your pre-schooler? This memory game is super sweet and simple enough for the beginner.

Once the dinosaur mania really sets in, you’ll be surprised at just how much information your pre-schooler retains about all the different dinosaurs – dilophosaurus? Megalodon? Spinosaurus? Yikes! If they love to learn about dinosaurs and how to identify them as much as my little boy does, they’ll absolutely adore this flash card set to test their knowledge with.

My favorite dinosaur gifts for pre-schoolers:


Dinosaur Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

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