Modern baby girl names with cute nicknames.

So, you’re having a baby girl? Congratulations, mama! Now amongst all the preparing and planning and buying, you’ve got a tough decision to make – what are you going to name your little bundle of cuteness?

Are you a fan of floral baby names?

Old-fashioned names for girls?

Southern baby girl names?

Or, perhaps you love modern, popular names the best? No matter what style of name you choose, an important consideration is the nicknames your baby will grow into. 

To help you with this challenging decision, here are 50 top modern girl names along with their nicknames (some have LOADS of cute nickname options). Keep reading and you will definitely find the best and greatest “nicknameable” name for your baby girl.

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Olivia (English) meaning ‘Olive tree’
Nicknames: Liv, Livi

Isabella. Meaning in Hebrew ‘God is my oath’ or ‘God is perfection’
Nicknames: Bella, Belle, Izzy

Sophia. Meaning ‘Wisdom’
Nicknames: Soph, Fifi

Amelia. Meaning ‘Work’
Nicknames: Amy, Milly

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Charlotte. Variation of the male name Charles with the meaning ‘Free boy’
Nicknames: Charley, Lola, Lottie

Abigail. Meaning ‘Joy of the father’
Nicknames: Abby, Gail

Emily. Meaning ‘Rivaling’ or ‘Imitating’
Nicknames: Em, Milly, 

Harper. Meaning ‘Harp player’
Nicknames: Harp,

Evelyn. Meaning ‘Life’ or ‘Light’
Nicknames: Evie, Lyn

Madison. Derived from the similar boy’s name with the meaning ‘son of Maud’
Nicknames: Maddie

Victoria. Meaning ‘Conqueror’
Nicknames: Vicky, Tori

Scarlett. Referring to the deep red color
Nicknames: Lett, Lottie

Elizabeth. Meaning ‘God is perfection’
Nicknames: Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Betty, Lily

Camila. Meaning ‘free-born’ and ‘noble’
Nicknames: Cami, Milly, Mila

Chloe. Meaning in Old Greek ‘Young green shoot’
Nicknames: Coco

Penelope. Meaning ‘Duck’, ‘Face’, ‘Eye’, ‘Voice’
Nicknames: Penny

Lillian. Derived from the name of the flower.
Nicknames: Lil, Lily

Aaliyah. Meaning ‘Ascent’
Nicknames: Aali, Leah, Lele

Eleanor. Meaning in Greek ‘Mercy’
Nicknames: El, Elly, Nelly, Nora

Addison. Meaning ‘Daughter of Adam’
Nicknames: Addie

Aubrey. Meaning in German ‘Elf rule’
Nicknames: Bree

Stella. Meaning in Latin ‘Star’
Nicknames: Stell, Ella

Natalie. Meaning in Latin ‘Child born at Christmas’
Nicknames: Natty, Talia, Tallie, Nat

Violet. Meaning Affection, Love, Faithfulness
Nicknames: Vi, Letta

Aurora. Meaning ‘Gold’
Nicknames: Rory, Aura

Audrey. Meaning ‘Noble strength’
Nicknames: Audie, Drey, Drea

Brooklyn. Meaning ‘Beautiful brook’
Nicknames: Brook, Lyn

Claire. Meaning in Latin ‘Bright’
Nicknames: Clara

Caroline. Meaning in French ‘Little and Strong’
Nicknames: Carrie, Cara, Carla, Lina, Callie, Carol

Genesis. Meaning ‘Birth’
Nicknames: Gen, Jenny, Gigi

Emilia. Meaning ‘Eager’
Nicknames: Mia, Millie

Kennedy. Meaning in Scottish ‘Chief with helmet’
Nicknames: Kay, Kenna

Samantha. Meaning in Aramaic ‘Listens well’
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy

Willow. Meaning ‘Freedom’ or ‘Tree’
Nicknames: Willa, Lola

Naomi. Meaning ‘Pleasant one’ or ‘Above all’
Nicknames: Mimi

Elena. Meaning in Greek ‘Light’
Nicknames: Ella, Ellie

Allison. Meaning in German ‘Noble’ and in Greek ‘Truth’
Nicknames: Ally, Allie, Al, Sally, Lisa

Gabriella. The feminine version of the boy’s name Gabriel
Nicknames: Gabbie, Ella, Brie, Brielle, Briella

Gwendolyn. This Welsh name means ‘fair’, ‘blessed’, ‘white browed’. 

Nicknames: Wendy, Gwen, Lyn