Unisex baby names you’ll love for your baby girl or boy!

One of the fun things on the soon to be parent list is picking a name for the little bundle of joy. While this can be a fun task it can also be overwhelming due to the amount of name choices.

Why pick a unisex name?

If you don’t want your little one to be boxed into gendered expectations a unisex name works well. Often unisex names are more commonly found given to boys or girls – however, that just makes it more memorable when given to the other gender.

Here is a list of unisex names that you should definitely consider for your baby.

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Adrian is of Latin origin meaning “of the sea”. 

Angel is Latin and Greek meaning “messenger of God”. An appropriate name for a heavenly bundle of joy.

Ashton is an English name that means “from the town of ash trees”.

Avery, is an English or French name means “ruler of elves”.

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Blair is of English and Scottish origin meaning “child of the battlefield”.

Blake is an English name with the meaning “dark and attractive”.

Charlie, a German name, means “free man”.

Channing, an English Irish origin name meaning “people of Cana or wolf cub”. While the most well known example of this name is actor Channing Tatum, it’s frequently used as a girls name too. 

Dakota is a Native American name meaning “friendly or allies”. A name suitable for a child with that will grow up to have a sparkling personality.

Devon is Irish meaning “a poet”.

Dylan is of Welsh origin and means “son or daughter of the sea”.

Emerson is of German origin, meaning “son of Emery”. Yes, this is technically a boy’s name in origin… however, there are more girl Emerson’s out there than boys these days so it’s definitely made the leap to a true unisex name.

Finley is an Irish name that means “battle warrior”.

Haven is an English name that means “place of shelter” or a “refuge”.

Jayden is of Hebrew origin meaning “thankful to God”. This is a name fitting of a little blessing.

Jaime is English and means “one who comes after”.

Jordan is a Hebrew name meaning “the river where Jesus was baptized”.

Keva is English meaning “the beautiful child”. The perfect name for a beautiful baby.

Logan is of Scottish origin and means “of the hollow”.

London has a Latin origin and means “fortress of the moon”.

Morgan is Welsh meaning “traveling the sea”. Morgan Freeman is an accomplished actor with this name.

Noel is French and it means “Christmas”.

Parker is of English origin and means “keeper of the park”

Peyton is another English name with the meaning “from the town of the warriors”.

Quinn is from Irish origin and means “wisdom, reason, and intelligence”

Reese is Welsh name meaning “passionate” or “fiery”. One famous Reese is actress Reese Whitherspoon.

Rene (boy) or Renee (girl) is French for reborn. This is a sophisticated name for a boy or girl.

Reagan is of Irish or Scottish origin meaning “child of the king”. This is also the last name of a former President.

Riley is an Irish name that means “courageous and brave”.

Rowan is a name of Scottish, Irish origin meaning “little redhead”. This nature name is taken from the Rowan tree which has red berries.

Sawyer originally a surname, and commonly used as a boy’s name this name is enjoying universal appeal as a unisex name. This is an occupational name – meaning “woodcutter” and is of English origin.

Shannon, another Irish name, means “smart and having great wisdom”.

Shawn is of Irish origin meaning “God is gracious and merciful”.

Skylar (girl) or Skyler (boy) is Dutch for “intelligent and scholarly”. A great name for a future genius.

Tatum is of English origin meaning “bringer of joy”.

Taylor is an English name that means “style setter”.

Tony is of Latin origin meaning “priceless and praiseworthy”.

Winter is English for “born in the winter season”. The perfect name for the little one born in the colder months.

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