Stocking stuffers for babies – over 50 ideas for baby’s first Christmas stocking!

Are you looking forward to baby’s first Christmas? It’s the first time your new little one will be part of the big day with your family! There’s so much to plan for and do – gifts to buy, home to decorate, food to organize and traditions to begin.

One tradition you might like to start is the Christmas stocking – but what do you put in a Christmas stocking for a baby? Don’t worry – there are plenty of stocking stuffers for babies right here on this list.

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Food Stocking Stuffer Ideas (For Baby’s 6 Months and Older)

If your baby is younger than 6 months and you haven’t started solids yet, you can skip this section 🙂

A stocking stuffer staple for older kids is food – for our family that always included:

  • our favorite pack of crisps, pretzels or Doritos or similar
  • our favorite chocolate bar
  • our favorite bubble gum
  • a handful of other assorted candy

Obviously, none of those things are suitable for baby’s first Christmas… so what can you do instead? Simply choose any food that your baby would normally eat – for example:

Fruit Pouch

Baby rusks

Baby Biscotti

Baby Teethers

Happy Baby Organic Creamies

Stocking Stuffers for Feeding

In the first year, your baby will start eating solids – which requires some gear! Grab a gadget or two that make life easier and don’t forget to add some forks and spoons for feeding:

Mesh Feeder

Baby Spoons and Fork Set

Fruit Feeder

Self-feeding spoons

Snack Catcher

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teething Babies

Teething is pretty much a constant theme once your baby cuts their first tooth. Which is why anything that might give your baby comfort is worth trying! 

Here are some classics and some new gadgets you could get:

Munch Mitt

Sophie the Giraffe

Teether Toys

Personalized Teether Rattle

Amber teething necklace

Personalised teething ring

Pacifier Teether

Books for Baby – Stocking Stuffers

Books are a great gift idea for babies and really, anyone! There’s no better time to instil the love of books in your child than from the very first year. It’s also a great way to set a tradition of reading books together.

Here are some excellent book ideas for baby:

Who Loves Baby Photo Book

Soft book

Board book

Bath Books

Baby Toys

There are endless numbers of baby toys out there – these are all super cute and make excellent stocking stuffers! My favorites are the Jellycat toy and the personalised rattle!

Bath toys (find even more bath toy ideas here!Don’t forget to grab yourself a bath toy organizer to keep them contained!

Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder

Car Seat Toy

Rattle n Rock Maracas


Jumbo Crayons

Stroller Toy

Stacking cups

Finger puppets

Toy phone

Jellycat Toy

Developmental Sensory Ball

Personalised Rattle

Sensory toy

Soft Building Blocks (great for a teething baby!)


Baby Clothes 

You can’t go wrong with baby clothes – so many cute clothes, so little time! Christmas is a great time to grab some of those ‘novelty’ or ‘not really essential but they’re so stinking cute’ things as stocking stuffers.

Bandanna Bib – there’s way too many amazing options over on Etsy, check them out!

Christmas Bib

Christmas PJ’s

Knit Baby Hat

Booties – so cozy!

Onesie – I also like this one!

Fun socks

Leg warmers

Hair bows

or bow ties!

Baby Hygiene Stocking Stuffers

Why not gift your baby some essential hygiene items as stocking stuffers? You’re going to buy them anyway and you might as well put them in the stocking! Check out these:


Brush and comb set

Baby Pacifiers

If your baby uses a pacifier, you can’t go past these adorable pacifiers and accessories:

Wubbanub – my favorite! Comes in several different styles.


Pacifier Clip

Memorabilia Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

Memorialise baby’s first Christmas with a Footprint Ornament Kit (though you might want this BEFORE Christmas… so consider putting it in your baby’s Christmas Eve or December box!)

Make sure you take plenty of photos to keep in this special Baby’s First Christmas photo album

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